Sunday, April 07, 2013

out of the bag


Ada satu teka teki, which I won't share.
Cause it comes with mental torture.

I just called Kirin to tell her the answer.
(A week after I asked her the riddle).

Ok, siapa berani nak tanya apa teka-teki tu?

Haha! :P


Meet Coraline.

Did you know, Mr Bobinsky is Czech?
"Aaa~ novy syr~"



And meet my thinking cap. 
(It's a combination of IKEA (~30Kc) reading lamp and an extraordinary cap, that was pickled with Einstein's brain slices*)

*Truth is, the second part is a lie. Duhh. Ilmu mungkin boleh bergerak mengikut jurang osmosis, tetapi, kefahaman tidak :P

I'm still lost about what research I should be doing. I've got an idea what field exactly, but I'm gonna have to read more. Cause deep in the corner of my heart, I wanted to be a scientist (ever since my preschool years in fact - bet you didn't know that, did you?) and studying medicine is a path to get there. 

I used to dream of living in a house cum laboratory. With lab rats. White lab rats. And in that dream, I had to wake up in the middle of the night cause something went wrong with my experiments. Because the sound of the running wheel of the lab rats, that accompanies me in my sleep suddenly disappears. *insert thunder and flashes of lighting* 
Ingat ni Pinky and The Brain ke apa. Hahaha. 

Yeah, that is the dream that seems to look very far right now. And that is a price I have to pay for not revisiting that part of me often enough, but I'll make it someday :) God willing, I will, definitely!


Surgery exam is around the corner and like a friend told me, our life is now 80%, the library. And I can't omit exams and studying from the blog posts cause it's too synonymous with my life here. 

Hence, here's another plea, to help pray for my mental and physical well being. And that all of us succeed in whatever tasks we have pledged ourselves to give our all to. Lillahitaala. 

There're of course bigger things than exams but that's for the journal to keep,


lttlgh; said...

i still remember you wanted to be a scientist! everyone in d school know (okay, at least our frends la kn). hehe.

and ur nick was mad scientist masa tu hihi.

inshaAllah dreams will come true. gogo scientist! :))

nora~zizi said...

aaaw~ :')
mana butang like niiii.. ahahaha..
yup2.. dlm gang kittenz jer :P (now that I think of it, geds lah perkataan kittenz tu.. haha.. we were young~)

iA! you pun, ganbateh kudasaiiiii~