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what next?


I'm not good at lying.
I wish I wasn't so transparent but perhaps it's better this way.

Most of all, I gotta remind myself, that I'm not the kind to sit still, waiting.
I need to gain knowledge and wisdom. I need to be an excellent student, and later, doctor.

Feelings. Is a whole new experience. S told me it's a phase where I have to be extremely patient. There's no point if these all lead to nowhere anyway. That, I have to be absolutely clear with. There're so many things I wish for but I know, that honestly, I don't know what is best.

What I do know is that I want His blessings.




It's that time again, to be all nervy about exams.

To be quite honest, the Surgery classes aren't that helpful for me. Compared to the range of knowledge we have to know, needless to say, 5 days of lectures totally won't suffice.

T_T So future 6th years, when you have surgery, be done with the book by the second last week (by question, which I think, won't allow you to miss much from the book anyway), don't take any other exam that time. Cause the things you need to know, if, Paeds was Gunung Tahan, then Surgery is like Banjaran Titiwangsa.

Why? Because the difficulty level for the questions differ and while you can finish some questions in 10 minutes, there're many which require at least 5 hours of your time. Which by the end of reading, you need to spend a lil' more time in memorising.

Woo hoo!

Kei sat leh, ngo ho sam fu. Or the more aggressive term, kik sei ngo.

Saja nak lepaskan tekanan.

Very improbable to finish all these by Thursday,…



That wasn't so bad.
In fact, it was very good.
Lets not go there again, heart wrenching.


It's been a while since an intelligent conversation.
Ustaz ada cakap harini, we should all have that one friend, who are able to tell us to think clearly, and make the right decision. People who are willing to tell us how we are wrong. :)
About my chronic problem, Saro convinced me to question what would weight more with concern to serving God. ie If I were to do things for His sake, what would it be?
After almost a month, I made the call. And Alhamdulillah, it went so much better than my thoughts thought it would. ^^

Saro also introduced the the plant-animal-children theory. That taking care of things should start small. :P

And the most important part of the conversation, to always trust your gizzard (read: gut). :)
Thank God for the Skype session.


I called Mama post-midnight morning, told her about the mountain of information I have yet to consume.
And she told me …

you are one person


Berkhidmat untuk alam.

Apparently, I can't embed this awesome Oncie video, but here's the link.

Have I told you how I simply love Dr Seuss?
If I haven't, well today, I'd like to write a little on The Lorax Project.

Here's a link to the project.

I know this may sound childish to many, but I figured not many of us adults are into saving the world.
We tend to focus on big things when in actual fact, it's the small things done with perseverance that matters more. Check out the how YOU can make a change page.

You are one person, but one righteous person can make a difference.

Like how Lorax put it:
"UNLESS someone like you care a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. No it's not"

Lets not regret things a lil' too late like Oncie.
It's a good thing he repented, but yeah, it wouldn't have happen, UNLESS.



Because the reasoning, "I'm just doing what comes naturally" is really really selfish.




It's almost 5pm. And I'm not done with hernia.
Good thing that covers 5 questions.

And due to some subconscious matters, I have to distract myself whilst studying.

Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle is good ear candy.


For the rest,

nimpy pafr puf!


So-so is how I'm doing, if you're wondering.
I'm in a fight with the world but I'm winning.

At least I hope so >.<


Pres + Ton = ?


Crowded crowded brain




Uuu.. dah jumpa.
Agak-agak boleh trade in dengan kerusi nenek aku tak?

Jawapannya: dalam mimpilah!

Kalau macam tu, wajar lah aku tidur sekarang.



Tak, tak boleh tidur lagi.

Ku perlu study. XD

ticking away


Disregarding the fact that he's chasing a girl, I sometimes hope I was able to muster enough courage to fight for what I like.

Before later is too late.


Then I thought, I'm gonna die anyway.

However, I have a life to live, which comes with choices, so yeah, the fighting is still crucial.

Crucial so that I'll be grateful and patient with whatever challenges my choice would lead me to.


Owh, and ignoring the fact that the books and the length of study is preposterous, I think I like medicine very much. Tbh, at times I wish I had a longer studying period. My body is accustomed to sitting still and enjoying a good medical book right now so it gets a little stressful when I have to go at bullet train speed (overboard.. whatttt) so that I could reach my daily-topic-coverage-target. Which I rarely could. Huaaaa~ At times, I feel like roaring in the library after a long day, tetapi itu sungguhlah kurang sopan dan kurang bergaya.

Limited exam dates prevent dilly…

green hat


Credit: MuggleSam on Youtube :)
He's in Slytherin.
That is why.



Hatta Once Ler pun.



Did you know, our house is famously known as the "recuperating house", because post exam, it is a famous destination for resting, among friends. Kalau tuan rumah dah habis exam jugak, maknanya, boleh dapat bed and breakfast lah. Hehehe.
The room itself, spacious, beds comfy, noise pollution is minimal (except Friday nights, but the double windows usually do the trick ;) ), WiFi, lotsa books, and early light out. Tidak dilupakan stress releasing sessions.
Boleh buat bisnes post-exam-one-night-recovery lah agaknya. :P

And last night, for the first time ever, we slept over at Syamee's instead. We were exchanging information and prolly, I had, in a way, decided, after an insomniac episode the night before, now is not exactly the time I want to be alone.
Apparently, I have the common cold. It was not until Thamarai and I had contact, that I also found out I'm feverish. All the while, I thought spring has come, when in actual fact, it was the heat from my own bo…

out of the bag


Ada satu teka teki, which I won't share.
Cause it comes with mental torture.

I just called Kirin to tell her the answer.
(A week after I asked her the riddle).

Ok, siapa berani nak tanya apa teka-teki tu?

Haha! :P


Meet Coraline.

Did you know, Mr Bobinsky is Czech?
"Aaa~ novy syr~"

And meet my thinking cap.  (It's a combination of IKEA (~30Kc) reading lamp and an extraordinary cap, that was pickled with Einstein's brain slices*)
*Truth is, the second part is a lie. Duhh. Ilmu mungkin boleh bergerak mengikut jurang osmosis, tetapi, kefahaman tidak :P
I'm still lost about what research I should be doing. I've got an idea what field exactly, but I'm gonna have to read more. Cause deep in the corner of my heart, I wanted to be a scientist (ever since my preschool years in fact - bet you didn't know that, did you?) and studying medicine is a path to get there. 
I used to dream of living in a house cum laboratory. With lab ra…