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So we had a practical lesson on Friday. :D And because there was one fake model, and 10 of us students, the Teacher recommended we try inserting peripheral IV between ourselves.

I did it before (in my summer clerkship) so I asked to skip the model and straight for a real being instead. :)

So Kak Anis and I had a mutual agreement to perform the procedure on each other. She has very accessible vessels :D thank God. And on the first try, I got the vein but the short needle and banging of knuckles made me draw the needle out. Sayang betul~ And the doc went like "I know a good lawyer" to Kak Anis. And I told him how I'm a student, and I'm gonna put the blame on him instead. Hahaha. So he quickly told Kak Anis, "well, this kind of things always happen. And you know what, medicine is about compassion...bla bla bla".

In comparison to the many docs we had, he has to be the most chatty and dramatic. (in a good way, cause I think enthusiasm and acting helps me remember more :D )

Anyway, the second try went ohkay~

And the next obstacle was to find a suitable vessel on me. Cause I have a history of narrow, low filled (ie hard to palpate due to low volume) vessels. In KTT, when we did this blood donation thingy, the nurses actually punctured my artery and got half bag of oxygenated blood before realising what went wrong. Haha. And that day I gave off about 700ml of blood. (She got a vein from my other arm in the end).

The doc tried looking and at first recommended the cubital region, where he found the scar from previous puncture (he went like, oooh, there's a scar, there must be a vein somewhere!) haha. And yeah, actually, we got to practise blind technique that day. Just swipe your index gently on the patient, until you reach a taut area, and learn the course of the vein. It amazes me every time cause, you would feel this smooth texture then suddenly, you come to a hollow area filled with a very thin sausage. Haha.

I guess if you've never tried the blind technique (say, with easier task, like blood drawing), it might be a lil' scary to cannulate the vessel, so Kak Anis chose my dorsal vessel instead.

Like I said, my vessels are underfilled, so, it was quite a challenge because at first, you can visualise the vessel but perforation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue made it seem almost non existing. So there was a lot of reversing and changing the angle and reversing again then changing the route. Hehe. This all happened under my skin. And surprisingly, it wasn't painful :O Quote teach "you have a good patient, but bad vessel" haha. Only when the needle perforate the vessel did it hurt a pinch. Kak Anis berjaya akhirnya.

I honestly am so tempted to cannulate myself. Cause like the doc told us, our patients aren't healthy medical students. So the real thing won't be as easy as practice. Hope we would all do good and not harm with all this knowledge and responsibility thrown upon us. :) Jyeah~ Serving God by serving people!


One more thing, I'm actually quite anxious right now, cause the Paediatrics exam date is a lot earlier than planned. However, I know I must try to make it, and what truly matters is the effort to get there. :) I can't help but think about the topics I've covered and the exam day/result, so I'm hoping that you pray I'd be well. That I keep on striving to make this quest of knowledge, a quest to get closer to Him. And that I'll be healthy and survive what remains of this academic semester.

As with all things, Allah keeps track of our efforts. So keep on trying. Apa yang tak boleh buat semua, jangan tinggal semua. :)

Peace out you all~


Dan pengubat rindu minggu ini. Top to bottom: Eza, Sarah, Kim.

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