Wednesday, January 09, 2013

to do

Sometimes all you wanna do is cry your heart out, but it's too late now, a migraine can be guaranteed and I don't like being sleepy in class. Cause I'd feel so bad for the professor. And it won't do me good not participating, cause I'd learn less than I hope I would.

It's not healthy to shun away emotions though. To ignore and store such emotions in the subconscious means to have a space for it to grow, and unattended, the growth could suppress other good things. Like being genuinely happy, and smiling. :( And I'm so scared of being grumpy towards others cause I hate it when people do that. Aarghhhh *if T-Rexes could tear down trees with their hands, that's what I imagine doing right now*

If I could tell what's wrong, I'd say it out, but I can't seem to formulate the right words.

Though it pains me right now, I have to put you off till Friday. I've put this off for quite sometime actually. :( Telling myself to chill lah, this lah, that lah.
However, please please please promise to not forget to look into this matter.
Yes, come Friday, I'll do just that.

So much for self development. Help~

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