Tuesday, December 11, 2012

peter pan generation

An article on "adultescent". Click to read. :)
Chee Ching posted it on FB, and after reading it, I thought, this is so familiar. HAHAHA XD

Honestly, when I read her article, I realised that I'm reaching the adultescent pool soon. And it's scary because like her, I have ideas too, but the amount of work put on it? Nil. Or in fact, very little. :(

It is hard to believe that you have to be an adult. A stage which inevitably, we all have to survive. Someday, somehow. *there, even the way I say it seem to mean that I don't really think I will have to become one*

Tapi Abah and Mama cakap they'd move to Sarawak if need be, ie if I end up working there. :) Hee~ *cue flowers sprouting everywhere, an effect of atmosphere laden with happiness* So nice of them to accommodate us before we get a more stable grip on our career.

But yeah, have to figure out how many years to come before I start contributing and stop leeching (they won't mind if we NEED to get their help, just that, they've done so much for us. And we're not getting any younger).

Then, there are the other things too. Man, I really have to be an adult eyh.

Quoting Nanny Ogg or Mistress Weatherwax (I can't recall which witch exactly), "***? She always puts them for later, and then, later was too late".

It was a good read but I need to study now.


Thanks for posting up the article Chingy!
Thank you parents for not questioning us yet. And for the support.

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