Saturday, December 29, 2012

on love and being grateful

There are things of this world that prevent us asking for more, however our hearts and minds think we should.

It is not easily fathomable, but sometimes, a mere existence can lead to triumphing the day.

Cause knowing some people bring me closer to God.

In ways I could never have imagined.
(Maybe it wouldn't work any other way because my mind and soul has been lead to believe they need more keys for them to be unlocked and opened. God knows.)

And for that, loving you is a privilege.

Summing it up, I want you to be happy.

As of now, I feel that is all I could ask for.

And for that, I'll be grateful, insyaAllah.


Thank you Thamarai for hosting an Indian chicken beriyani dinner tonight :) It was fun learning to cook beriyani! And it is very sweet of you to get all the Halal ingredients and cook a delicious meal for us!

Hope to get the recipe soon, I'll share it on the blog. :) Cause it was really really nice!

Thanks Syamee and Yushah for walking me home. :D Very thoughtful of you both!

 Layering the "Dum Beriyani". Laden with wholesome goodness! ^^

After scooping and mixing. Jyeah~ 

Come finishing med school, this blog will be evidence. Of how I actually, do cook, contrary to a misguided belief of dear parents. 


Thank you Kak Alia and Ustaz, for accompanying the trip to Vackov. It was a short, but memorable experience we had. If I wanna sign up for more, then I could ask for your help again, kan? ;) Kekeke

This break seems to result in more energy expenditure. Hehe. I don't recall a proper chillax-ing yet.
Tapi, masa lapang itu, pembunuh pemuda.
So, Alhamdulillah.
This break, part of me lives.



zainabibrahim said...

gempakkk kot masak nasi beriyani..
nampak sedaaaappp
vackov tu kat mana?
ada pa situ?

nora~zizi said...

gempak kot thamaraiiii.. hahaha.. terkejut i u olls, tp serious mcm uwah~ bile blaja masak tu.. terigt dulu blaja masak apam balik ngan u! kekeke~

vackov tu dekat2 area zizkov. hehehe.. diorg buat program rawat org homeless, bawah salvation army.. bestlah, sebab dapat buat practical, wpun mostly wound cleaning/debridement/letak ointment/antibiotic, tukar bandage, measure BP. hehe. org homeless kat situ agak well mannered, prolly cause kalau diorg buat hal, diorg kene halau. program ni utk winter je, sbb ikut statistik, ramai org homeless mati time winter. huhu.

zainabibrahim said...

tau takpaa..
kita bukak pesbuk omaigudd gambor macam chef2 masak kannn..
i dah bersara..xhapdet pon bakat memasak..hahaha

experience tuhh..

nora~zizi said...

tape ah kat msia, senang nak cari makanan, murah plaks tu.. klu duk sini mmg craving masak sdri lah jawabny XD