Sunday, October 28, 2012


In an attempt to escape a life I've lived, I grew more confused.

The most precious advise from a friend by far was, to return to Allah.

So it's good to know that really, eventually, if you do things with the right intention, then good things will come out of it. Be it in a week, a month, a year, longer.
Worrying halts. Blaming halts.

The pathological reaction isn't so malignant right now anyway, so lets hope for the best :)
And even if you can't break through, it's not a problem, it's just the way you are.

Besides, God gave you friends and family who knew and did not judge nor leave you behind. It's not a lonesome journey after all.

To yet another start, Bismillah.


Yesterday I felt like the whole world was against me. When in fact, it was only 4 out of the world population. Bergurau ada tahapnya. You needn't be so harsh. Try walking in my shoes, and try to laugh it off. It's doable, but never easy. Especially when I'm freaking tired like yesterday. :'( Meanie.


rusnarusli said...

salam jijie :)

hehe. harapnya semua oke2 shj di sana (mcm jauh je. hehe)

biasalah hidup mcm roller coaster kdg2 up, kdg2 down. that's normal

yg paling penting how we perceive the problems kan. sbb mukmin ni ajaib : ditimpa kesusahan dia bersabar, diber1 nikmat dia bersyukur. <3
i'm sure you are one of those mukminss yg ajaib


nora~zizi said...

thanks kak rusna
*hugs back*

haha :P I'm very bad at managing my EQ. At times, I want to allow myself to grief instead of containing and ignoring and eventually doing things that doesn't help with anything, instead, worsening the condition.
This is one of those times.

Betul apa ckp Kak Rusna, about that Daebak Muslim.
Maybe this serves as a reminder for me that, in most circumstances, I won't know what people have been through, and I should have a limit when I joke around etc.
Cause I won't know when I've touched a nerve. :(
Worse of all, I won't then know when I've unintentionally hurt someone.

I hope I don't confuse you pulak :P

Anonymous said...

kak zizi :) u can! Allah always love u unconditionally.

nora~zizi said...

:') thanks!