Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The post below, regarding the ape librarian was an attempt at clearing some thoughts. However, I feel that I need to make my blog posts more meaningful :P

I thank God to have surrounded me with good people, cause almost anywhere I am on the internet, I could click on motivating things.

And today is regarding waking up. Waking up together. Here's a Youtube link from an educator I admire, Brother Nouman Ali Khan, regarding the subject, waking up.

A reminder on getting back on track, and surrendering ourselves to the right thing.
Cause sometimes having faith is not enough, you need the right attitude as well.

This year is about battling many things. I hope to be aware of where these all leads to. And I've been warned this journey may be the most challenging yet, so yeah, lets work hard. :)

With Allah's help, we'll manage.


*below is the said blog post that needn't be read, cause to many, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever*

Oook Oook!

And she wonders how many would smirk at the remark.
The librarian lost a friend.
So the librarian buries itself in more books.
A book comforts the way a friend can not.

And to a banana, the librarian went: "Oook!"

Works every time!
Cause the thing about a banana is that, a banana, is not just a banana.
It kept the library at balance.



dr1/6 said...

oh, every girl needs her books and bananas. and chocolates never hurt one's feelings too.


nora~zizi said...

:) oook!

> <3 ;)