Sunday, June 10, 2012

panic attacks

It's that week again. The panic week. It's taking way longer than planned. Come tomorrow, that's the second time I'm postponing the exam. Kyaaaaa~

Need. To. Increase. Brain. And. Butt. Power.

Gotta keep my head in the game.
After this all, reward awaits!
Do it with Allah in mind and soul. The outcome would be marvelous!!!

And the extras:

Practical sessions in HKL tanpa exams.
Cycling, play badminton, play basketball, play soccer, play in the rain, go to pasar malam, go out makan with family, go out makan with friends, spend this year's Ramadhan at home, go to surau for the talks, supper, archery, bowling, drive, go meet cousins, balik kampung, meet KTT friends, Paris September, and a good body massage.

Storybooks, motivational books, juz amma.

Come on girl!!!
Use your head, heart, eyes, ears, hand for studying!!! Lillahitaala~

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