Tuesday, June 12, 2012

it's not taking forever

Self hypnose, cause I feel like I'm spending a very long time studying this. Hah!
Man, still, I gotta learn ALL of these..or else I tak layak to become a qualified doctor.
Yes, lets start coffee diet now onwards. I think food is making me sleepy as well. The energy supply are all diverted to the GI. Kyaaa~

And actually, I find what K wrote quite uplifting. I guess the whole independent thing didn't quite get into our heads. So we chose to be distracted instead of being focus (at least that's what I did) then later put the blame on others when we run out of time etc.
The fault is indeed my own, but all I gotta do now is to fix whatever mess I made, kan?

Yes, I do not need THAT much sleep.
And reward will come after this all, that's a sunnatullah proven so many times in this life, aite?

Have faith and the right attitude yo!
You can do this! We all can :)

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