Friday, June 01, 2012

end of the classes, let the battle resume~

A brief on 5th year. 

First semester subjects: Oncology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Neurology, Rehab, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Tropical Medicine 1
Second semester subjects: Internal Medicine, Tropical Medicine 2

Regarding the winter semester, if there are any subject you wish to postpone the exam, please let it be anything other than Neurology because the next dates for Neurology will only be available in June (when you have to battle for Internal Medicine exam)

In comparison, it is relatively easy to get dates for Oncology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 

Neurosurgery: Lecture notes are enough, and I went through Dr Plas' book. (In Czech, but you could get a gist of what it's about :) and good illustrative photos too! I was so belated to find it in the bookshelf of Akademie Ved!) Credits can be obtained by doing the credit test (which can be done on the day of exam) and passing that, you'll get to draw 2 questions, of which one will be on tumors of the brain. 

Oncology: ICT Oncology published by Churchill/Livingstone. Although this was the first subject of my winter semester, ironically, I attempted this exam the last :P There's a very high chance to successfully arrange an exam date with the Professor in charge if you've missed the published date on SIS. 

Psychiatry: "Use the University book", said many. :P In all honesty, I distrust the language structure of the book, I felt it was an unnecessary challenge to my intellect. So I settled with lecture notes, Kak Yana's notes, and Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties - OHCS. I LOVE that book! The writing was very engaging. I feel that the right way to learn psychiatry is to read its stories, cause if you don't open your head to imagination, it's hard to differentiate what's going on. :D

Neurology: I have to say the presentations were very informative. Print them out, it won't be a waste of ink! :) And the lessons, practical! Pray you get a very dedicated doctor who would not only tell you what to do, but explain the reasoning behind it :) InsyaAllah, you'll be quite confident with Physical Examination after 4 weeks of practice ;) Credits require you to perform the Neurological Examination and then to answer some basic questions on General Neurology (best to ask the doctors in charge on the topics you would be tested on!) 
This was perhaps the most challenging exam from winter :) 

I shall write more on 5th year subjects another time~ Gotta head back to nerding. ^^

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