Wednesday, June 27, 2012

bang bang, my baby shoot me

Salam all ^^

Guess what, I'm done with tropical med credit!!! Alhamdulillah~ I got to know I failed it yesterday and since yesterday was spent outside, I tayar pancit when I got back. T_T
Dr Stejskal gave us subjective questions (3 each) and it was manageable today. :) I was having tremors while writing the answer.

Anyway, today, a lesson learnt is: I gotta study the map. I'm not the type to travel, or the type to know so many places, I'd rather not venture, cause then, it'll add up to the number of places I yearn to go to, in times of needing tranquil. Or maybe, I'll just Google up the place if patient require vaccination/advises on trips. Muahaha. We'll see, Nora can turn into Dora the Explorer for the break. Doufam, ze muzu :P

Can't wait to head back. I heard that someone has started the bicycle regime. Hurray! Semangat nak sihatkan diri jugak camni~


Out of my 5 years of study, maybe this is my earliest flight back home so far (not to mention winter break :P) cause this year, we got to catch up on life, to make up what we've missed before, together. Hee~

If things did not happen, we wouldn't be able to appreciate this moment. 

A happy child today, 

ps: title relates to photo. no, syamee is not my "baby", i used to hear this during one winter break, on eza's playlist. just that, the architecture in Czech is one worth a Charlie's Angels post. kekeke. Bang bang! 


Bila bukak KFC Online on FB today, terlihat this link:
I hope every single thing leads me to You, for I am, as of now, very far. :'(

Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's sad how ONLY when things drive you to the edge that you become sincere.
How to remind oneself that if I screw this life, there won't be a second chance?

Things will work out with practice, kan?
And practice is with the aim that this heart holds true to the fact that, You're my only hope.

So far, the prep for Ramadhan is:
I shall have no compulsory Medical Posting in Ramadhan. Cause we did the clerkship already ^^ Lets try to go for the Subuh sermon as well, this time around. I hope they would discuss really good topics like they did last year but any topic will do I guess, seeing as how we all need the reminder.

To do next:
Ask Abah to bring us Raya shopping ASAP. 
Fill in the Habitator for Ramadhan and attain some goals (at least one please!)
Night cycling/BBing/badminton.
Prepare to be a better student and doctor.


Why the blog is no longer private: cause I is now free!!!
Alhamdulillah, no more exams for fifth year! ^^
Though it scares me that I'll be having the license to kill in a year's time. Seems like this break calls for a round of intensive studying cause after some small talk over coffee with a senior, it seems like time would run out real fast. So fast that we wouldn't even have room to be depressed, etc.

(Need to stock up on really nice instant things. :D Owh yeah~ at least I'll end up as the Instant Queen this coming year of study)

I'm thinking about the necessity of a magazine for all of us. :) Or maybe just a photobook. One to glance through in future and say things like "charles university. yeah, we had oral exams" "we were once student" "gosh, we've done so much to get here" "i musn't give up, everyone is putting up a fight" "i was so thin back then" HAHAHA.

Anyway, although exam is over, I still have 2 things to be done with before being officially done for 5th year. Obs & Gyn rounds (can't wait to find out if I'll experience pre-syncope/syncope again - it's such an interesting field, but I don't have the guts -or rather, enough blood perfusion- to handle it. Kyaaa~ tak sabar actually, to go for rounds in Malaysia, cause I can at least understand the patients!)

And readers, please, do pray for all of us students around the world who are taking exams and risking our lives (with unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle, being psyched etc) to gain knowledge to serve people :). Since we are/were students, marilah bersama-sama mendoakan kejayaan satu sama lain. Prayers are the best weapon on this battlefield of uncertainty (papers, you write on them. oral exams, just scares the ****** out of you *exaggerating*)


You know the things about saving up in other people's emotional account?
On how if you've a high enough reserve, then taking out some points wouldn't hurt the person that much (ie they'll pretty much forgive you?)
Well, I just though about how much we could hurt others if we make an overdraft.
That is, to begin with, there wasn't much saving in the emotional account.
And for whatever reason, you take the whole remaining chunk and some more. Which leaves you in quite a large debt by inflicting hurt on the person involved. And by hurting others, you would leave scars, which, like an overdraft, requires you to pay more than what you took out. ie forgiveness comes after a larger deposit than the withdrawal.

Maybe that's why some things aren't easily forgotten but really, we should learn to ease the burden on each other. By making small little deposits that evolves with time. Before its too late. Before you'd wish all those time you spent hating were spent loving instead.


And I'm thankful to be able to write tonight. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

it's not taking forever

Self hypnose, cause I feel like I'm spending a very long time studying this. Hah!
Man, still, I gotta learn ALL of these..or else I tak layak to become a qualified doctor.
Yes, lets start coffee diet now onwards. I think food is making me sleepy as well. The energy supply are all diverted to the GI. Kyaaa~

And actually, I find what K wrote quite uplifting. I guess the whole independent thing didn't quite get into our heads. So we chose to be distracted instead of being focus (at least that's what I did) then later put the blame on others when we run out of time etc.
The fault is indeed my own, but all I gotta do now is to fix whatever mess I made, kan?

Yes, I do not need THAT much sleep.
And reward will come after this all, that's a sunnatullah proven so many times in this life, aite?

Have faith and the right attitude yo!
You can do this! We all can :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

panic attacks

It's that week again. The panic week. It's taking way longer than planned. Come tomorrow, that's the second time I'm postponing the exam. Kyaaaaa~

Need. To. Increase. Brain. And. Butt. Power.

Gotta keep my head in the game.
After this all, reward awaits!
Do it with Allah in mind and soul. The outcome would be marvelous!!!

And the extras:

Practical sessions in HKL tanpa exams.
Cycling, play badminton, play basketball, play soccer, play in the rain, go to pasar malam, go out makan with family, go out makan with friends, spend this year's Ramadhan at home, go to surau for the talks, supper, archery, bowling, drive, go meet cousins, balik kampung, meet KTT friends, Paris September, and a good body massage.

Storybooks, motivational books, juz amma.

Come on girl!!!
Use your head, heart, eyes, ears, hand for studying!!! Lillahitaala~

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

out of my library part two

There are times when you want to throw things and hopes the librarian agrees with your action.
(Oook! And a you get me?kekeke)

When will they learn that chit chatting and flirting should be done outside this holy cubicle of book reading?

Oh bladi oh blada~
*stuffs external meatus of the hearing apparatus with earphone*

Friday, June 01, 2012

end of the classes, let the battle resume~

A brief on 5th year. 

First semester subjects: Oncology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Neurology, Rehab, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Tropical Medicine 1
Second semester subjects: Internal Medicine, Tropical Medicine 2

Regarding the winter semester, if there are any subject you wish to postpone the exam, please let it be anything other than Neurology because the next dates for Neurology will only be available in June (when you have to battle for Internal Medicine exam)

In comparison, it is relatively easy to get dates for Oncology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 

Neurosurgery: Lecture notes are enough, and I went through Dr Plas' book. (In Czech, but you could get a gist of what it's about :) and good illustrative photos too! I was so belated to find it in the bookshelf of Akademie Ved!) Credits can be obtained by doing the credit test (which can be done on the day of exam) and passing that, you'll get to draw 2 questions, of which one will be on tumors of the brain. 

Oncology: ICT Oncology published by Churchill/Livingstone. Although this was the first subject of my winter semester, ironically, I attempted this exam the last :P There's a very high chance to successfully arrange an exam date with the Professor in charge if you've missed the published date on SIS. 

Psychiatry: "Use the University book", said many. :P In all honesty, I distrust the language structure of the book, I felt it was an unnecessary challenge to my intellect. So I settled with lecture notes, Kak Yana's notes, and Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties - OHCS. I LOVE that book! The writing was very engaging. I feel that the right way to learn psychiatry is to read its stories, cause if you don't open your head to imagination, it's hard to differentiate what's going on. :D

Neurology: I have to say the presentations were very informative. Print them out, it won't be a waste of ink! :) And the lessons, practical! Pray you get a very dedicated doctor who would not only tell you what to do, but explain the reasoning behind it :) InsyaAllah, you'll be quite confident with Physical Examination after 4 weeks of practice ;) Credits require you to perform the Neurological Examination and then to answer some basic questions on General Neurology (best to ask the doctors in charge on the topics you would be tested on!) 
This was perhaps the most challenging exam from winter :) 

I shall write more on 5th year subjects another time~ Gotta head back to nerding. ^^