Monday, April 16, 2012

he wants proof

My dad doesn't believe that I cook.
In that his way of measuring our (my siblings and I) ability to cook is by the many photos we put up on Facebook. 

He always question the truth behind my buying meat from Halal store (my uncles and aunts always asked about the availability of Halal stores in Prague, and Abah always happened to be around) for he rarely sees me cook. 

So I told him to read my blog (but I'm guessing it's not his cup of tea). 

The thing is, by the time I remembered about photo taking, the food is already safe in the acidic environment of my stomach. 

So hello to another food post, which could serve as good evidence in future trial regarding the Master Chef (gosh gosh gosh~) in me. 

*Disclaimer: I am not a cook. I eat to survive.*

I wanted to eat fish pie, but I had to settle for this sebab takde fish fillet TT. No regrets though. Nyam nyam~

 Green onion, grated celery, shiitake
 Mushroom soup (or any soup), mashed potato, sauted ground beef with onion and above ingredients
Stack from bottom up: sauted beef etc, mushroom soup, mashed potato, top with cheese (I used Alpene cause it has that elastic mozarella property :P)
 Bake for about 30 minutes (till cheese brown) and wallah~ Hello Beef Pie! :D :D :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The most fatabulous free photo editing web I know ( is closing down, so this is a final project before saying goodbye. 
I call this piece, Under the Sun. 
Let this be a motivation to study dengan penuh jiwa dan perasaan untuk menjadi doktor yang terbaik dengan redha dan rahmatNya~ ^^

"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs." -the guy next to me-

Best friend, faster finish your exam, then come down and study with me~ TT

Because sometimes, two is better than one.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

just do it

*Nike sign floats in mind*


To have faith and do good deeds.

I seem to have been procrastinating on the latter. 
Always thinking there will be another day but never actually dwell on the fact that, the knowledge of my death, is not mine. 

I repeatedly throw myself into a slump. :(
Yet You send reminders in the form of friends and family. :')

Betullah orang cakap, masa lapang yang tidak diisi dengan perkara berfaedah membunuh pemuda.

A past can kill your future. 
I think I've experienced enough to know that. 

So, to make today a past you won't regret tomorrow and in future, please, please buck up on your deed.

And don't jump into something too big. 
Do simple things really, moderately, consistently. 
Otherwise you'll be burnt out. :O

Most importantly, jangan berkira-kira melakukan sesuatu untuk Allah, kalaulah Allah berkira dengan kita, pastinya kita adalah orang-orang yang rugi~ :O OMG~


As for med school.
Last week we got to properly examine a patient (finally! though I still feel disappointed in the teaching system overall)

The very simple abdominal examination:
Start with less invasive procedure to more invasive ones.


1. Inspection
If there's a mass/lesion, describe. 5S - site, size, shape, surface, skin overlying.
Got distension at the flanks? (Ascites?)

2. Auscultation : 
Bowel sounds: randomly place your stethoscope on the abdomen. If you can't hear any sound, then flick patient's abdomen. 
Scratching: Place stethoscope near the inferior border of sternum. And start 'scratching' the patient with one finger, from the right ASIS towards the liver. When you've reached the liver border, the sound will sound more rough. 
Perform auscultation of the heart while you're at it! *I heard holosystolic murmur* lub whoosh~

3. Percussion
Through out the abdomen: it should have a resonant quality, not dull. 
To recognise liver border: when finding liver border, make use of the intercostal spaces so that your finger won't slip and also because you can confidently describe the region. :P

4. Palpation and deep palpation
Ask patient if they are experiencing pain. Palpate that region last. 
Since you're an amateur, perform with one hand, cause your lack of experience may burden your brain and you'll only end up more confused when the palpation is done. 

5. DRE
Tak buat but I keep thinking of Naruto's Thousand Years of Pain. *insert Scream by Munch*


Owh, and happy April you all~