Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 hari lagi ^^

Salam a ahoj people!
:) Happy Chinese New Year!!! Woot2!!! :D 
Hows the Mandarin orange and Ngan Yin peanuts going? 
I hear Ipoh traffic quite bad today (Saturday) 


This week, must be one of those weird weeks. 

Cause the doctor commented, "You will be a gentle doctor" - she sounded sweet so, I think she meant it in a good way, but it was due to my failure to elicit proper response from a patient. 
(Me? ME? A gentle doctor? HAHAHA. Dalam hati, jawab, nah, I'm just scared I'll hurt them if I exert to much power. I'm very strong. Like seriously. Haha! *Obsessional thoughts of being Superman's twin sister*)
The reason I came out with (as an internal monologue) became invalid as everybody else managed to elicit response in our HYPERREFLEXIC patient. 
Hence, I concluded that I need more practice~ 

So one fine Friday morning, I went to the Zdravotnicke Potreby and asked about "reflexni kladivo" - buat vocab sendiri - and I got myself a reflex hammer.. OH YEAH!
With the needle to examine pyramidal signs. 
And these rubber strips to test sensation. 
Which made me so happy, and I had that smiling spasm on the way to class. :) :) :) :) :)

However, the patient we got was areflexia, or with very minimal reflex on her limbs but it went well, I think I did better this time. Alhamdulillah :)

Buat style Dr Linek ah next week. Wa chaaaa!


Owh, and psychiatry exam is near. :) And so is neurology credits~

*tolong doakan kejayaan menimba ilmu dan lepas exam dengan cemerlang please. tysm! xx*
6 hari to go ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

dear troubled soul

Song: Why by Rascal Flatts

Keep on fighting, life is worth fighting for. 

We can't change the past but we definitely could work on the now, so that in the future, we can look to a better past 
Even if things go wrong along the way, there's no reason to stop striving
For we are loved by Him, and for He knows us best; always ask for His guidance, His forgiveness
And of course, you are loved, so really, don't be shy to ask others for help :P 

Ohkay people, lets terus bekerja ^^

Thursday, January 05, 2012

one year closer

A year closer to the grave. :) 
*how we wished each other during birthdays in secondary school, seemingly dark, but actually a good reminder on how we've journeyed this world, preparing for the next* 
Good bye 2011, hello 2012. 

It's still January, so I'm not late, noooooo? Kekeke...
So before the resolutions and wishes list, I guess it's fair to scan through 2011. 

Those goals achieved~ Kyaaa~ *shining eyes*
Those goals left behind~ Kyaaa~ T_T
Those good habits developed :) :) :)
Those bad habits developed :( :( :(
Feelings felt and learnt :O 

Ja ne, I can't write in full since it's not a journal (What? I have a journal? Yes! I do! And this time around, I'm trying to keep it somewhere I know so I won't lose it again! Ha!) but, I realised that I put up too many goals for 2011 without prioritising and it ended up with "yang dikejar tak dapat, yang digendong beciciran" *baca dengan nada sedih* *tapi sebab dapat keluarkan peribahasa, bangga sekejap* Kekeke :P

So for 2012, the basis for resolution making is:
Have a list of things you wanna achieve according to specific fields (God, family, school, work, health, social) and prioritise on just one thing in every field. As in, in all circumstances, you must do all there is within your power to make sure you reach that goal. For example: daily recitation of the Quran, or killing bad habits such as giving white lies~ kyaaa~ 

As for the wish list, make sure it's reasonable.

Above all, lets keep our purpose right, and choose those of which will lead us to His blessings. 
Maybe the hardest habit to kill every year is submission to the nafsu :X 
May Allah protect us all this year. 

Honestly, there's just so many things to fix. Will I make it?
I don't know but lets keep on trying, we might die along the way, but at least we'll die trying. 
*baca dengan nada semangat ohkay, bukan nada depresi!"
Syahid atau kemenangan ;)