Friday, July 29, 2011


I wrote a letter to HP once.
And got a Popular (bookstore) voucher in return.

I talked about Quidditch for the personal presentation we had to do for SPM.
Pn N asked whether it is a practical sport.
And I naively answered, Yes. If you have a broomstick.

My first HP book was, however, the second one, The Chamber of Secrets. 
One of the outlet where my money goes (even now, but, on Discworld series :P) can be seen on the shelves. :) HEEE~

Tottenham Court Road. 

Somehow, those long distance buses at home keep on reminding me of the Knight Bus (speed, not safety). 


19 years later 

Memories are there to help us remember who we were.
Some bring sadness, some bring hope.
And most of them, brought us to be thankful, thankful that things turned out that way.
Cause for our simple minds to imagine another, why, we may end up being very wrong, very lost. 
We live in the Now because of memories. 
The Now of striving to those dreams of the greater good. (Mine spells ETERNITY)
And lets reach an end where we can assure that all is well. 

Friday, July 22, 2011


Put hope on God.
He doesn't disappoint.


There are things in this world, we do, so as not to hurt others. Heee.. that little panggilan untuk tak sakitkan hati (jantung) orang lain. Panggilan yang sungguh mencabar. 
Naik turun emotional bank account credit

Cause adding points to other people's emotional account may lead to higher hopes and expectation.
Which is scary cause if you've reached a certain limit, it feels very much like being in a pressure cooker. When the lid is open, semua wap-wap panas lagi merbahaya akan escape. Yikes. 
Keluarlah "who cares?" "ada aku kisah?" dan segala nenek moyang perlakuan yang tak terfikir akal untuk dilaksanakan. 
Walaupun tak buat perangai depan-depan, takut juga sebab kadang-kadang, terlintas kat hati (jantung) betapa penatnya nak menjaga hati (jantung) orang lain. 

Tapi kalau kita dah add points into others' emotional bank, mungkin tak orang tu akan jadi lebih pemaaf atas kesilapan-kesilapan kita? "If you build a high reserve, you can take more withdrawals" Kekeke. Kenalah sendiri jadi pemaaf dulukan? Hoho. 

To hope that people won't make our life miserable if we do good to them.
To hope for something else in return of our kindness. 

Mungkin sebab tu, bila buat sesuatu, kena niat kerana Allah. 
If it makes people happy, then, satu point for you.
If it makes people happy, then you sakit jiwa, then one point later perhaps. iA.
If it makes both of you happy, all the better :) 

Do it for Allah's blessings, and be reminded of that "withdrawal" in afterlife, so that your own heart feels all happy and calm. insyaAllah. 

Kamon kamon! vi ken du dis! (read: we can do this!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's been 4 days

Ohkay, so the days have been somewhat less occupied than what I've imagined :P

Time to work out on a more strict schedule!


:) I've lost some of my extra kilos. 
We went for a 15km cycle. 

Err... power cycling. 
I hope for a more flatter ground the next. I needn't build muscle tone. I have enough of those. 
I'm aiming fat burning. Kyaaaa~ 


I want Taufiq's fixie, but I know that I won't be using it as much as he would. So, I shall be happy with whatever bike I end up riding. :D

Oh~ The big sister giving up on the prettier bike. Hahaha. 
Mungkin this is the result of my childhood ending. Sebab Harry Potter dah habis. HAHAHA :'(