Saturday, April 30, 2011

I wish to be of help, not a burden but things don't always go as plan.


I miss home so so much.
And I better polish those plans, to make them highly achievable. 

Mari berusaha menjadi lebih bertanggungjawab!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

patchworks in the OT

As of this week, it's surgery for 5 weeks!!!

Class is starting to get more interesting. ^^ 

Thyroidectomy. Epic fail. 
It didn't help when you're squished cause you'd run out of blood. 
I ate a big breakfast for it. 
And almost collapse anyway. *Malu gila!!!*

So I thought I'm not fit for surgery. Any surgery.
Until cochlear implant. 
Terbaik wor! :D 
The drilling, the puncturing, and I thought the placement of electrode was awesome! 
And the assistants were so helpful with all the details. ^^

And I concluded, it wasn't skipping breakfast, it was probably the squishing. 

This week = cardiovascular surgery.  
I can't help be amazed with the whole extracorporal circulation thing. Bloody but definitely out of this world!
And it's size somewhat brought me to realise, the Creator indeed is Great, how a fist sized heart could manage all those pumping for so many years...Subhanallah!
And how with magnifying glasses, suturing coronary vessels can be an art of its own.
I also learnt the importance of having small steps for short Asians as myself :P If not, can't see anything. 
This week is ending tomorrow :( but yeah, lets hope Bulovka would come out with more surprises! ^^

Honestly, I'm still undecided as to what to specialise in. @.@

Marilah berdoa untuk yang terbaik~



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kim's visit

We rarely keep in touch.
So thank God, when we meet, if felt as is, we were never apart.


The heart flutters at thoughts of someone coming to visit. 
And true enough, we always end up doing more than planned, in a good way!
Dear Kimberly Loke, thanks for coming over! 
For dinner and the interesting stories which excluded Salman Khan! Kekeke ^^
And forged signature :P 
The "girls" talk was totally unexpected and awesome. :D (Including quack doctors and free marriage advice) Hehehe :P 

Enjoy touring around and all the very best with the development thingy! :D May all be well!!!

Alhamdulillah~ (thank God!) ^^

Sunday, April 24, 2011

break free from you! ha!

There're voices saying I should give up. 
"Susah sangatlah ni"
Shut up voices. 

Dear self, before you give up, please try. 
That step is necessary to break down the wall. ^^
InsyaAllah, He has written what is best.
Have faith.
And the right attitude.

I'm trying out this habitator, it's been 2 months and the results are always a little disappointing in the later half of the month. :(
Yikes! :) I'm never the expert on time management, so probably it'll take a while to get used to. Hee~
From my observation though, I find that:
I forgot to allocate time for studying, and I also didn't list out things I have to cut down so as to be more productive in the habitator. (Things like, no junking, to not sleep more than 6 hours a day etc.) 
Yup2, lets not give up and modify whatever weaknesses there are. ^^ Oh yeah! Selagi hayat dikandung badan, it's never too late to do our part! Assaaaaa~

Apa itu habitator? Tekan sini -----> HABITATOR


O Allah, on this little journey, on what time I have left with, please make ease for what is best, for Your barakah, for Your Jannah, for I'm a human who sins, for I'm only human, for I fear your Hellfire. I am nothing, in fact, I'm a terrible person, without You. 

Ya Allah, permudahkan langkahku untuk sentiasa beribadah kepadaMu. 

Untuk hanyut, 
Serius aku takut. 
*tsk tsk*

Yang masih banyak khilaf,

Monday, April 18, 2011

how to stand back up again

Get help :)

Help me if you can I'm feeling down,
And I do appreciate you being 'round, 
Help me get my feet back on the ground,
Won't you please~ please~ help me.. 


Come on you! Teruskan berusaha! 
Sila lalui ujian dengan penuh kesabaran, sebagai penghapus dosa-dosa.
Owh yeah!

Friday, April 15, 2011

swinging on monkey bars

Mad and sane.

I believe I am both.

*Megalomaniac laugh*

It scares and excites me that really, between those two, there's merely this really thin line. 
We all have odd ideas, don't we.
And it's our reactions and beliefs about them which are mad or sane or both. 


Today I believed I was once an ADHD child.
I'm surprised as to how I've suppressed my jumping around everywhere I go.
My uncle was nice enough to remind me that I didn't only just jump.
I climb, slide and whatnots. 

I remember being tied with my sister though because of my brilliant idea to turn the storeroom into a sliding rink.
Did you know that talc makes really good substitute for a slippery floor? Hihihi.  

Being adventurous has its purpose though.

The bug incident was at our agama school, back in Kuantan, the one we have in the evenings after school.
I don't remember the people as much as the setting though.
There was a dead cockroach somewhere, and some smartarian boys when and handled it by using a penyapu lidi (a kind of broom). 
Their aim? To scare girls. And yeah, they succeeded but they left the cockroach laying around after that. 
And guess who went and grab the dead cockroach by the hand for revenge? Me. I sneaked up on them rather than make a big deal out of it. It was an interesting experience. I didn't know till then, guys aren't as brave as they make themselves look. Aha, they're human after all. I chucked the cockroach out. 
It's weird that I did all that because now, I can't handle cockroaches. Just smelling them would make me have paresthesias on the tips of my finger. (Could it be because my fingers can't rid the memory?) Ugh.

Probably the best way to enjoy an adventurous day out is to have a partner. Mine was by the name Nur Zahirah Zamhuri. :) (I have yet to find this girl's Facebook!) My most memorable playtime with her would be an afternoon where we were cycling around our neighbourhood. And we found an interesting little puddle. :D
Guess what was in the puddle. Hehehe.
Textbook of frog metamorphosis!!! IN 3D. i.e. we saw, touch and play with real frogs! There were tadpoles, and frogs with two legs and a tail, frogs with 4 legs and a tail, and a full grown frog. A good way to study Science eyh? :D


I totally miss exploring! :) Come next week I could go for an ORL surgery though. Lets hope it'll be as interesting! ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

pop the pills

The week has been hectic and due to some be-earlied physiology, I'm drained. 
Energy depletion.
Pop the pills.
And to dreamland I venture.  

I shall rest.
For I dare not
Allow my body to saunter
Without good hand-eye coordination
The brain pilot must not shut
Not on a road as busy as Prague.
*tram bell rings*


Why are we still surviving? Cause we have strength to.


Sunday, April 03, 2011

nan keum isseo

(Tak, I tak nak makan roti nan. Ini maksudnya: Ku Punya Impian)

Okay, cuba baca dengan air muka Go Hye Mi sebelum hati dia dilembutkan. 



I like Dream High - drama.
And this song I'm introducing has really good lyrics. 
It fits the moment ;)

Go ahead and find the English translation if you have the time. 
If you don't, then this will be my little secret (unless you know Korean). 

I called home yet again.

So someone when to fix the printer today and the orang kedai was in an experimental mode.
And the experiment didn't turn out well, and he insisted to try again and again. 
(If something turns out terrible after a try, it's best to change some methods of handling, no? :P Wah. Ini nasihat general! Malangnya, he didn't)
So the someone, ugut cakap dengan penuh lemah lembut, "Kalau awak print lagi, saya jerit bagi satu Carrefour dengar".
Apakah? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Mesti orang kedai tu pun tergamam sekali) 
Tapi yelah, degil, orang cakap tak nak, tak nak ah!!!
At this point of the story, I was laughing really hard already.

Trust my family to give the best stories without fail every week.
:D And I smile over and over again~

About smiling, I should put up an effort to do more of that. :)
Just because people around you are with sore faces (sampai buat sendiri rasa bersalah), don't be affected. 
SMILE. There're gazillions of reasons to. ;) 

Okay then, SENYUM semua!
Ka chak! (Camera clicks)