Sunday, March 27, 2011

bilamana ku jauh dariMu

Jantung, bergetarlah
Air mata, mengalirlah
Hamba, kau tunduklah
Tubuh, menggigillah

Dan kedua tangan itu kau angkat
Minda fokus pada yang Satu
Pohonlah, pintalah
Pada Yang Maha Agung

Aku serius takut. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

not alone

Salam :)
Sharing one of my favourite song from AVPM
Today I'm reminded of Dumbledore's Army.
And consequently, Harry Potter. I have to agree with Sarah that Harry Potter is somewhat a part of my childhood :P Seeing as how me and my chummies are mostly Harry Freakin Potter's fan, it probably is a part of this adulthood transition as well.
Owh, the song:
Not Alone.

Ukhuwwah atas dasar keimanan. Owh manisnya~ Siapa pernah baca buku Sinergi? Best worrr! :D

Cause people, like characters, develop.

Except in Twilight. Kyaaa~ Jangan marah XD

Owh and today, I was so exhausted that I couldn't think straight. I know I had to rest somehow, but thinking of exam got me a lil stressed :P

I ask God for peace.

And Alhamdulillah, I was knocked out with an hour's worth of worry-free-nap. It amazes me how I was able to nap with all the thinking going on in my mind but yeah, I'm really grateful that I did. :) Feel a lil energized now. Alhamdulillah~

And then Kak Syaz came and sempatlah luahkan perasaan. Hehe.

Okay2, lets get back to work ^^

Hezky vikend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i'm eyeing you

Dresses are in store now!
And they're so lovely! ^^
Rasa macam nak beli semua, tapi tak semua yang indah itu untuk dimiliki.


Dan saya tak suka isu skandal dijadikan bahan untuk diwar-warkan ke seluruh pelosok dunia.
Benda-benda yang sensitif, kalau selalu didedahkan kepada masyarakat, akan membuatkan masyarakat jadi immune. 
Tak dapat bayangkan budak-budak tengok/baca berita yang mengarut macam tu. Perkataan se*s tu masih taboo bagi diri ini. Serius. 

I somehow think that disturbing issues like this will interfere with proper mental development of a child (if the child reads/watch/hear). 
Heh. Guess parents and future parents will have to train their children to be much smarter at filtering them bad and good information, since to disallow ANY form of information to reach children would only hinder their growth. 


For having taught us children,
Thank you parents, for giving us enough freedom, to learn from mistakes.
Thank you parents, for giving us enough restrictions and keeping us safe. 
Alhamdulillah. ^^ 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Like Brownian motion
Loss in a line of action

In this labyrinth of constellation
I see only a fraction
A fraction
Of dynamic passion

You who were left hidden
You who were left so sudden

Here's to you, an apology
I'm sorry

Lets run hand in hand
We're running late
We're running out of time
Lets start again
More importantly, lets end this together


A pantun to accompany:
You're on an airplane.
I naik train.

See you there (though a bit later!) 


I wonder if I'll remember why I wrote this. 

Siberian Husky. Rawr! ^^