Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cold, but i still melt for you

Subhanallah ^^

Out of my window
You fall~

Tap tap
Softly on the glass

Tap tap 
Softly on the hand I've reached outside


Roasted chestnuts

Especially when warm and fresh 
To accompany a winter's night ^^

Owh and my housemate and I round "Rambutan Juice" and it tastes like lychee. Ha! Still, lychee tastes good too! 

:) Hows your winter? 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

she who grabbed hold of the cat

So I finally got hold of 'the' cat. 'The' being that it's the only pet cat I know here in Prague. 


Only, the downside is, it made me miss Prince Ellie more than ever~

I can't wait for holidays for a much needed rest cause the body is down with the flu. Surviving though! :) 

Come Saturday I shall start the sleep-eat-heal regime :D

Ellie. Ellie really looks like that dragon from "How to Train Your Dragon". His face lah. And he's a giant compared to Meeko. Memanglah seekor kucing jantan. Hehe. 

Ohkay, now to get back to sTomatology. Come on you! Berusahaaa!

Friday, December 10, 2010

for a friend

To Kak Liyana ^^
This was made at Karlovo Namesti, Praha 2, Czech Republic.
Sorry, I tak ada camera DSLR, ada camera 3.2MPix Nokia je >.< 
Enjoy the snow~

Thursday, December 09, 2010

pitter patter

White winter. 

Wear warm, and you'll stop bickering and start appreciating.

Be nice. 
It is never out of style.

I heart winter ^^


Friday, December 03, 2010

snow is here!!!

(Thamarai and I)

Or rather, it has been here for sometime. Hee~
And I'm enjoying every bit of it.

How to keep yourself warm, cozy and happy during winter? (Not listed according to priority)
1. Wear many layers of warm clothing. Opt for wool, fleece, thermal wears; those really comfy ones on the inside, before putting on the mega winter jacket! This would refrain you from being so noisy, complaining about the weather whilst outside.
2.Wear a beanie. Keeps the ear and head warm. Ears don't fall off and the brain won't freeze.  
3. Wear thick socks to keep 'em toes warm. Or be prepared for pain if you're up for a long walk. Yikes. 
4. Wear waterproof shoes (wet - means a faster process with frostbite!) with good friction. This would avoid having to grip/press with your plantar onto the ground to remain stable. It also ensures that you don't slip and fracture your precious skeleton or bleed due to injury of a vessel. Gets you to class on time too! 
5. Be well hydrated. It's cold and we don't feel thirsty like summer, but yeah, it's so dry that you actually lose lotsa water. Drink lots. Cause once you start coughing, it may very well be the first signs of bronchitis. :(
6. Moisten yourself with body lotion/body butter/baby oil. Whichever best for you! A skin too dry is susceptible to cuts even from doing simple things such us unzipping your winter coats. 
7. Have a source of warmth with you. I don't usually carry hot drinks wherever I go, but with winter such as this one, perhaps it is time to consistently do that. Or really, if you're too cold, go and have a snow fight with friends. This helps me a lot. Wear waterproof gloves for a more enjoyable adventure :P Hehe. 
8. At home, although there is the heater, it doesn't necessarily provide as much heat as we would like, so go on, put those socks on! Wear hoodies! And a warm tea every now and then seems a good idea. >.^
9. Be among friends. They'll keep you happy. Most of the time. If one is not, maybe she has PMS, so run away :P  HEHE. 
10. Check tram schedules. To avoid being late for class. And being the centre of unwanted attention~


Yesterday, me and 2 of the classmates helped a man push his van cause it was immobilised with the deep snow. 
We failed. 
but the fellow said thanks! :)

And yesterday was also educating and funny cause we did some simulations. 
With per rectum examination and ear examination and resuscitation and ABI Bosso and ECG and spirometry and ultrasound and the rest which I don't pay much attention to since we did it before :P

And this weekend = Hoho


Alhamdulillah ^^