Sunday, June 27, 2010

a thing or two or more

Alhamdulillah ^^

Life's little journey seems to be filled with many surprising happenings.
It's good that it gives less room to slack (though I still make many mistakes).

A bit of the emotional quotient got fixed, with the help of a friend and a little conscience.
I could do with more tips on how to make others happy. :P
I'm such an amateur!


I have yet another exam to go with.

So it's back to reading, processing and plastering.

Pray for our (us students') success and well being here ^^
That would help lots.


For we are nothing without Allah.
I wouldn't know how to manage life without Him.

Salam :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

hot head, literally

Salam all~


The heat is no joke around here. O.o

I'd almost diagnose myself with giant cell arteritides. Kekeke ^^

Staying still at home seems best option this time of the year.


A KTT friend told me, when God let you experience things, it's because He's giving you a message.

Before complaining, think, what is He trying to tell you?

Alhamdulillah for the advice.

Believing that Allah is good helps to lighten many many things.

It's in a way, zikrullah. ^^ Subhanallah, how He helps us to always remember.

Alhamdulillah for the interesting roads in life.

It allows one to be more matured everyday. ^^


As for Corrie, lets pray it'll arrive safely. Update: Docked at Ashdod now :(. No injuries reported.
Now for the Jewish boat aid. Hopefully, all humanitarian aid would reach Gaza safely and that the activists won't face another Gaza Flotilla. :'(

*Pray pray pray*

Friday, June 04, 2010


Has a calming effect.



I was indirectly influenced to start drawing again - non anatomical kind ;) - hence the cartoons-with-shaky-lines. (Lets hope it'll improve with time. ^^)

Alhamdulillah, today marked the last day of school. At the same time also meaning -> it's exam period baybee~ *insert flabbergasted icon*

Credits on Skype. Check.
Motivational books. Check.
Things to prevent sleeping. Check.
Medication. Check.
(Owh ya, I now carry an inhaler around. It feels cool. Haha. Doink. :P )
Friends to talk to. Check.

And most of all -> prayers.
*Do pray a lot! For you have your plans, and He has greater plans. Pray that you'll be ready to accept whatever has been written!*


It's not enough to visualise a dream.
You must make it practical.
Make it come true.

The higher you aim, the more you have to put in!
Don't settle, strive for more! ^^ It's always worth it!


Owh terlebih semangat pulak this nenek ^^

However, before I go, reblogging a video from Kak Syamira's blog:

Salam peeps and all the best!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

spread the news!

An interesting read. (Click here)

I personally think it's important to spread the news on the structured cruelty of Israel.

Because most of us are good people with moral conscience.

This loss serves as a reminder for us all to UNITE.

For what I can do is miniscule compared to what WE can do, as one.

Spread the news, and have that spirit to help the oppressed.
Keep that spirit burning inside of you and promote peace.
Train your heart to hate what is evil.
So that you have no doubts in recognising what is evil and no doubts to sacrifice yourself to prevent it.

Good people versus villains. History taught us, that it has always been that way.

And lets pray that we're ALWAYS on the right side.

It'll be a long fight. It'll hurt a lot but it's worth it.

Remember self, stay focus!