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Temperature reaches the teens today :D
:) (:


DUNYA (world) The more you loveThe less you live
During the short break in class today, Sara asked me: Zizi, are you listening to the Quran?
My heart metaphorically was dumbstruck and the tongue honestly muttered "No".
In all though, Alhamdulillah for the reminder :) I hope to give you a yes for an answer in future dear friend!
Nora fighting!
As for studies go, attendance to lectures this year seems promising :) Alhamdulillah for the drive to be present in halls, and to be able to absorb much knowledge I otherwise would have a hard time revising!
This is a gist of the draft I would soon delete about my being 21. The age of 20 was a year where I faced many difficulties (don't all the years bring them? hehe). Pain, tears, drama became part of the daily routine. :P (There were laughter and happiness, yes, but those were frequently overshadowed by my being depressed. You can put the blame on me)They don't all bring despair though. Those ups and downs taught me many …


Salam readers :) I was cleaning up the closet :P hehe.. nah, more like analysing some things, and people came over, some activities and celebrations came up, hence the super delay :P
Anyway, probably one of the things I discovered during the break was about improving my health :P (Sorry for such a selfish post but if it relates to you, then know that I understand what its like :D)
Having read Internal Medicine, I could pretty much relate my health conditions to many disorders. :P
As a patient, I don't think bronchospasm on exertion is that serious but having read the reasons why (pulmonary and cardiac disorders sound scary eyh?), it makes me more cautious on what I do, when I do it, for how long etc.
Like personality, disorders are also a result of nature and nurture, so I guess changing my lifestyle a bit here and there would help.
Exercise Looking chronologically into life (childhood up to now) seems like it's when I've lived "idle" for too long that I experien…