Friday, March 19, 2010

Temperature reaches the teens today :D



:) (:

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


DUNYA (world)
The more you love
The less you live



During the short break in class today, Sara asked me:
Zizi, are you listening to the Quran?

My heart metaphorically was dumbstruck and the tongue honestly muttered "No".

In all though, Alhamdulillah for the reminder :)
I hope to give you a yes for an answer in future dear friend!

Nora fighting!



As for studies go, attendance to lectures this year seems promising :)
Alhamdulillah for the drive to be present in halls, and to be able to absorb much knowledge I otherwise would have a hard time revising!

This is a gist of the draft I would soon delete about my being 21.
  • The age of 20 was a year where I faced many difficulties (don't all the years bring them? hehe). Pain, tears, drama became part of the daily routine. :P (There were laughter and happiness, yes, but those were frequently overshadowed by my being depressed. You can put the blame on me)
  • They don't all bring despair though. Those ups and downs taught me many things, such as, to appreciate someone when they're there, that it's a relief to express that you need someone rather than keeping the sadness confined for you alone to handle, and most of all, to always be dependent on God, to believe that what was written is best.
  • I had so MANY questions, most were answered the hard way due to my stubborn nature to accept change. I later learnt in one psychology lecture that it's normal that one who is anxious would hang on tight to what is familiar, cause to change is to face many challenges and that is risky when your state of mind is haphazard. It was a long struggle but Alhamdulillah, to be able to accept most of the changes.
  • I learnt about trust and tolerance in a relationship, and that seeking to understand one party before wanting to be understood is VERY IMPORTANT so that you don't get unecessary lectures :P
  • Well then, hello 21! Hello to productive years ahead. :) With the mission of obtaining more rewards (pahala)! Woot2~ Mama challenged on my allowance budgeting :D Yup2. I must be more responsible with spending! Abah suggested 1000 good deeds. :) Quote abah: the challenge is to catogerise them under the right place, for the right balance and for clear intent into legacy building: as ibadah khusus, minannas, umum, minalalamin. I think it's simple and fun. Join me won't you? ^_^

Okay then people.
Have a nice day over there (snowing and cold here but it's a good thing :D, showers the city with nature!).

Salam and have a luverly day!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Salam readers :)
I was cleaning up the closet :P hehe.. nah, more like analysing some things, and people came over, some activities and celebrations came up, hence the super delay :P

Anyway, probably one of the things I discovered during the break was about improving my health :P
(Sorry for such a selfish post but if it relates to you, then know that I understand what its like :D)


Having read Internal Medicine, I could pretty much relate my health conditions to many disorders. :P

As a patient, I don't think bronchospasm on exertion is that serious but having read the reasons why (pulmonary and cardiac disorders sound scary eyh?), it makes me more cautious on what I do, when I do it, for how long etc.

Like personality, disorders are also a result of nature and nurture, so I guess changing my lifestyle a bit here and there would help.

Looking chronologically into life (childhood up to now) seems like it's when I've lived "idle" for too long that I experience terrible coughing and low FEV (result of bronchospasm) after exercise/when exposed to allergen.

Played tag last Saturday with friends, on the ice rink :P for a session of "warming up" before any real exercises.

:) It got better yesterday Alhamdulillah. Went for badminton and this time around, I was able to continue the game after 5 minutes rest~

Next week we are squash-ing :) Thanks Kirin for arranging the schedule!

I've set up alarms so as not to skip taking supplements :P.

Although the doctor didn't mention it, I know very well that it's for the older generation but yeah, some people are just a lil' weak so they have to take it :P.

I find that I needn't take it daily, minimum of twice a week and when there's something heavy to do that day (standing during autopsy for example, cause of the low blood pressure, there's tendency of pre-syncope due to hypovolumic shock).


Being a patient and a medical student under one body leads to a part of me that worries and another part which is so enthusiastic on the outcome. Somewhat dangerously fun and interesting :).

I think what helped me the most out of this is to be informed of what I have, what I could do to make it better etc.

Having understand something would lead us into accepting what is right and eventually, do the right thing, InsyaAllah.

I know the anxiety of not knowing the hows, whys, whens, whats. And although knowing things would most of the time put me in fear, at least know I know what to avoid and what to do.

I pray that we would all be patient enough to help others to be well informed too! (Of just about any matter, not just medical!)

:) See ya!