Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sila gunakan tenaga kamu dengan baik!

Salam readers :D

Amongst the best quotes Tisha might have taught me (especially when asked to play with her) would be:
"Kakak jangan bagi alasan". (Don't give excuses)

:P So true.

Excuses may very well inhibit our progress for they contribute to doubts and whatnots.

Give your best and leave the rest to Allah.

When something doesn't work out, insyaAllah, He has something better planned for you. :)

(And after playing around with Tisha, memang best pun. Elevates your cardiac output! Small children have lotsa energy weyh!!!)


Miss home very much. It's the holiday syndrome :P

Palpitation syndrome = you are aware of your heart beat.

Missing home syndrome = you're aware that you're alone. Kyaaa~ T.T

Everyone, lets call home tonight! Woot~

Whilst waiting for morn' in Malaysia, back to studying!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Things are to be used.
People are to be loved.

(Yet we so often do the opposite. Astargfirullah.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

fly higher

Fly higher,
Than birds in the sky.
Even if metaphorically.

Remind me,
Of that seemingly old dream,
And what made me want it.

Keep firm,
Slowly I make my progress,
Why should I give up on my dream?

Sometimes it's hard to calm,
Hard to breathe.
Don't fight for what you won't receive,
For that, you can't give.

He knows your intention,
He knows your deeds,
Indeed Allah is All Knowing

The darker the night,
The brighther stars shine :)


1. To be independent of things that would bring me down, or at least, whenever there's calamity, I to be able to utilise my energy and stand up again.

2. Constantly aware of why am I doing things, and why I must work hard to give the best I could.

3. Susan of the Hoghfather mentioned when meeting the ghost in the basement "Don't get afraid, get angry". Ever so often the word "cuak/scared" is thrown out of the mouth at the thoughts of a trial. Instead of being depressed over what is given to us, lets accept them as a challenge and not a problem, eyh? :D

4. One shouldn't compare himself with another fellow, for it's hard for us human to be just. We are born with our own personality, ability, capability and our own story. :) Do, what is in YOUR power, to do. And do it right!

5. Direct the right purpose for every thing you do, work competently and consistently. Knowing you've done your best, leave the rest to Allah. And InsyaAllah, all those written for you, is the best that could happen to you. Constantly pray that you'll be ready to accept what is fated, to accept that it is best.

6. :) InsyaAllah, having been through so much pain, we will bring ourselves to be more thankful. Provided that you don't turn blind and look around you! In the darkest of your days, search, even for the smallest little happiness. It's always there.

It's been a while since a motivating post :D

Same content, different frame of mind from the last but with the same aim of being a better person. Hwaiting!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

creepy shadow guy

(I firstly apologise for any mistakes made in this article)

I used to be scared of Jaafar's character in Aladdin.

And Ursula of The Little Mermaid.

And after watching The Arrivals (a documentary which tells of how small little things has conned us into believing that the wrong is right), I realised that I should keep my children away from Disney.

I only went 30 minutes into The Princess and The Frog and lookie lookie.. yet another villain with "powers from "friends on the other side" ".

Watch it yet? If not, well, the song clearly intimidates the prince to seek help from "friends from the other side", for they could fulfil his desire of being free. From the darkness, the skull, the randomly shaping shadow, one could tell these "friends from the other side" are definitely not good people.

And still, because one is so caught up in his worldly desires, he resorts to accept what the shadow man has to offer.

That's leaving your faith into something totally other than God. And for that to be a scene in a movie for children, well, that definitely made it sound like it's alright. Nauzubillah (we seek protection from Allah).

It's not just wrong.
It's FRIGHTENING since it is when we are children that we accept whatever we see ever so quickly.

On the other hand, there's also the fact that they would think "if my parents does it, then, it's alright" since parents are the ones whom they could look up to be, role models, for these are the people who were always there as the children grow.

Even if we tell them it's not alright, most of the times, action speaks louder than words.
Having been a child myself, it's true I've experienced many instances in which I prefer rebelling when what the parents mentioned is the exact opposite of what they do. Or more frequently, when an elder sibling does it. :P
Sometimes just simple little things like
"Don't place the book face-down"
"Put your clothes in the laundry basket after shower"
"Lock the door before you go up to bed"
and the list goes on.

We have yet so much to learn, to protect ourselves and people around us from accepting what is wrong, for these things has been perfectly veiled to look harmless in our eyes.

O Allah, for we are merely weak human beings, please lead our hearts into worshipping You and no other.


And boo to people who suppresses others by torching down places where poeple pray to God.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ooh la la

.the exams challenge is on.

.all the best everyone and see you again insyaAllah. :D