Monday, December 28, 2009


Neneknora likes this!

Well, if you were to be my girl,
Um, I could wait for you in the rain
With no umbrellas in my hands
I could just wait
I don't care if this is not the right time
'Cause I can't hide how I feel inside anymore
I've been waiting for you
And with this moment you'll be mine
I'll get you with my

One hundred roses
I caught you out of one hundred million ladies
I don't wanna be like any other guys out there
I wish I was special to you
My love Be my baby
I'll never let you slip away

Then I'll wave my hand with a smile on my face
When I see you miles away from me blushing
Oh how cute
You look so much more beautiful than my

I've never thought that I could be
Ridiculously in love with you
I just cant get you out of my head
My love, be my baby
I'll never let you slip away

Friday, December 25, 2009

ice skate

I got excited with the message from Kak Alia asking to go ice skate.

So excited that I texted to see her at Zimni Stadion.

Then I remembered.

I'm having fever (not terrible, just rest-requiring). A bit sad but I can't risk getting worse what with exams at the start of school~

No later than 2 minutes after the message, I had to call to cancel.


I shall have to wait for recovery till the day I skate on ice again~(Next week InsyaAllah~) :D


Oh, and a recommendation:

The Blind Side. The movie we had for the last KFC session. Based on a true story! Best best! Watch it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter break (finally~)

What are you planning to do?

How do you intend to spend your time?


:) Honestly am happy to get my mind off school (even for a while), cause when the mind is not attached to one thing, it can focus on another.


I have planned my holidays in what I hope is a fun, super-enjoyable journey. InsyaAllah.

I have firm believe that winter holidays are meant to be spent indoors where it is warm :D.
I love nature but I love to keep all my digits too :P so, there'd not
be much venture this year!

(For those guessing what I'll be doing -> Part of the fun super-enjoyable journey involves studying. Kyaaa~ but a student has got to do what a student has to do. That's the main reason I was sent here anyway. Hehe.)

Off to set my plans into motion!

How about you?
Midnight blogging makes me hungry. Lama jugak tak buat chicken chop. Hohoho.

Monday, December 14, 2009

skip and smile~

It was quite a challenge to not fall asleep and be done with preparing for the test last night so I "listened" to Madagascar: Escape to Africa. I've always enjoyed King Julian's script but yesterday, Nana's (the grandmother who could wrestle) words caught my attention.

At the moment, they were going to find a place to keep safe whilst waiting for help to arrive (their jeep was hijacked by the penguins who were trying to fix a plane) and one of the tourists ask Nana whether she knows where she was going.

And joyfully, Nana turned around and answered:
"No! But I'm going with a skip in my step, and a smile on my face!" (Swinging her arms in that Yes!-I-made-it! motion)

Staying here thought me a lot about how things don't always happen the way we expect it would.
And to do and go through things with a skip in my step and a smile on my face really helps. :)

I guess things do get better when you:
- Believe that whatever you do is with the aim of pleasing Allah.
- Have hope for His Grace, have hope for Haven
- Are grateful for the basic reason that you exist :D
- Love :)

Lets keep our hearts conscious with that huh?

As for hobbies go, I shall wait patiently for Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals to be in paperback. (It's SO tempting to enter a bookstore nowadays!) And I'm deeply considering Eoin Colfer's continuation of The Hitchicker's Guide to the Galaxy, "And Another Thing". HItchicker definitely was a challenging read but Eoin Colfer's one of my favourites~

Hana said she's going to bring me to a secondhand bookstore in UK when I drop by so, for the time being, lets be patient. UK trip is just a month and a half away~ Fighting Nora! Be wise spending~

Till next time,
Walk with a skip in your step
And a smile on your face dear friends!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

i'll be back :D

Yesterday reminded me why I tend to watch Harry Potter with the family and not alone.

You see, I have not watched The Half Blood Prince and after a long week of many many studying (at least in my view :P ) I started on the movie. I'm not sure where the suspense lay with the start, but I remember screaming. Hahaha. I'm very "fragile" when it comes to surprises and switching off the lights while watching a "dark" movie like Harry Potter isn't exactly the best thing to do.

I watched UP (again) instead. Animation never fails to flatter me :D


And I had a little thought (I guess we all did) about advising patients.
If we were unhealthy doctors, leading unhealthy life... who do you think would trust our view on how to be healthy? Kyaa~

Like seriously, take care of your health. Even if you're thin, you should consider some cardiac exercises, cause unless you are tested to have normal cholesterol level, it's very likely that without exercise, you are at greater risk if you're hypercholesterolimic.

I myself am not thin and yes, this puts me at greater risk as I don't exercise. Maybe once in two weeks, which definitely ISN'T MUCH.

Dear self, please:
Skip - 50 times daily as a start
Run to class or just about anywhere (please avoid any inanimate or animate objects along the way)
Drink and don't snack at night - do not gobble down ice cream just because they taste absolutely deliciously wonderful!

It doesn't even take 2 min to skip rope. =.=


And my hoodies have arrived :D
Will snap em' pictures soon.

It has been a very busy week with Integrated Block (whole of last week), Psychology Class (today and tomorrow) and this Monday, there's Physiology test.

:) Alhamdulillah for I was given much knowledge during the week. Lets pray the coming week will be more benificial for all of us! Yay~

(I know I haven't blogged for sometime and I sure do miss blogging. Will write some more soon!)

Getting back to reading The Lungs in Robbins.
Till later,
Salam (peace) to all. :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

be truthful

Don't lie.

Cause you'll lose trust.

If you're not trustworthy, your knowledge will be hard to be acknowledged by others.

Imagine that, because of a lie, you put others in grave danger without you even realising!

My, that'll be a big problem!

If you've ever lied, do apologise to whom you've lied to.

Repent and ask for Allah's forgiveness for He is all forgiving.

Be truthful cause it's the right thing to do.

And remember that good is not always right but right is always good.

Though sometimes truth hurts, I guess it's more painful to discover the truth hidden behind a lie.