Monday, August 31, 2009

when anything = everything

Salam readers. :)
My deepest apologies, for now, I have reach a state where I want to dump all there is from my "secret diary" YET, there's so much information that everything seems no less than haywire.

I've got the whole drama of exams in the other blog, only cause I know I was dealing with too much emotion to be writing them here. It would only add up to your worries. (Especially the family :) )

One of the greatest lessons, for my part, through the whole journey of getting here today, was to never give up.

Continuously hold tight to faith.

Continuously give what is in your power to give.

And really, knowing your strength and weaknesses, be courageous enough to step up and ask for another's help.

Alhamdulillah for all. The many happiness and miseries. Surely, for all that has happened, He has better plans in store for all of us!

Also learnt that being in the same situation may give two people understanding, but delivering the right words to say is never an easy task. (To the best friend: hope to be there for you, like how you've always been there for me!)

There's an obligation by which I'm sure I have no strength to continue. Guess the word TRUST really is a burden for me. Born leaders are good at prioritising and able to tackle things without much panic.

Me? I've learned the hard way that I'm simply a follower. I've come to a decision and if it is for best, I hope He will ease what I've chosen.

And to make things worth their while, this "break" is for studying. The future doc in me deserve more studying. That, I am sure.

On a happier note, InsyaAllah I'll be back home for a much needed rest and advice to keep me alive living in Prague for another year (or more). :)

I hope to spend lotsa quality time with the family, visit the many relatives, play meriam if anyone is at the kampung, enjoy nature (river, beach, waterfall~ water water everywhere~), camp outside in the "yard", ride bicycle till I can't ride anymore, have "friendly" fights with the siblings (higher chance of winning when the brothers are still smaller than you), meet some friends, lose weight. So many plans but I'd be glad if even only one of them is achievable. :)

Also excited about class tomorrow. Intensive Czech. For 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah it's language, perhaps my strongest subject here :)

2 am. Definitely should get some rest now. Tomorrow seems to need more thinking capacity. May all be well. For all of us.


pnsridiyana said...

lg 12 hari nk balik msia! yeay! take care nora,yana doakan semua yg terbaik utk nora and ur beloved :)

nora~zizi said...

thanks yana! :) semoga yana pun selalu diberkatiNya~

l t t l g j h ; said...

zizi nak balik?? jom jumpa!! (:

nora~zizi said...

insyaAllah syanad~

zatyDEAR said...

nora...aik???iji...i miz u a lot...syesly...
t jmp k?
i wait for that day...
syg ko....