Tuesday, July 07, 2009

coupling food and sleep

Definitely works in killing fatigue.

As for summer clerkship goes, crushing tablets to pieces is not like making sambal belacan. Hehehe. It's requires more grace, as I was enlighten today. I guess Romana didn't see me perform the act of sambal belacan making yesterday. Huahuahua.

For the purposes of memory,
- Romana (Rolling Stones :P)
- Milada
- Iveta
- The English speaking doctor (find out name!)

- Romana
- Iveta
- Irena (left-handed, sto zviř
- Martina
- Dr Kaš
párek (knows "terima kasih"!)
- The doctor with the new Octava (find out name!)

The nurses definitely deserves all the stars they could get! They're the best team to work with! Alhamdulillah, it was a pleasure to be under their supervision. :)

And Romana gave us the best book for learning Medical Czech! For free!
I think you can find it at the book store in Lipov
á ulice or the one in Celetná ulice.

Book title: Talking Medicine, Czech for Medical Student
Author: Iveta Č
Publisher: University Karlovy V Praze
Year published: 2008
(Book and CD should cost 320kc. Recommended for those who enjoys studying languages. It seems much interesting compared to Jenom Kostra <- Nora's review. :) )

And today was spent speaking lotsa Czech and trying hard to eavesdrop. Hehe.

Literature class at Intern
í Klinika-Metabolická Jednotká, ÚVN:

Co oči neví, to srdce nežádá.
(What the eyes can't see, doesn't go to the heart)

Veselá mysl, pul zdraví.
(A happy mind, half health)

Lež kratký nohy.
(Lies are short-legged *they get caught in the end*)

Krev není voda.
(Blood isn't water)

Yay to literature!
Come tomorrow, hello night shift! *Yawns*

Yeorobun hwaiting!


zainabibrahim said...

waaaaaaaaa..u becoming poetic maaa??
waaaa..can i copy n paste???

nora~zizi said...

the nurses taught me those idioms! :)

sure2... copy, paste and spread~ nyehehehe

Xiang Yan said...

Wow superb, your nurses are well talented :) Seem like you are quite free at the hospital, I just do tasks after tasks at ICU, LOL.. I like 'Lež má kratký nohy' :) What does Krev není voda mean? There is one idiom in Chinese similar to this :p

nora~zizi said...

aaa.. I eavesdrop while doing tasks. Hehe.
Blood is not water.. it's very very very precious.
So people shouldn't be killing other people just because they think it's right.

does it mean the same in Chinese?

Xiang Yan said...

血浓于水=Blood is thicker than water=air dicincang tidak akan putus

raiNiey said...

waaah.. poem??? ko kene ajar gk nurse tu pantun ke.. syair ke.. :D

nora~zizi said...

xdela.. :P.. ni blaja dr buku czech.. hehe

Xiang Yan said...

Now I just realised she gave you the book for free!? WOW you are so lucky! She sells book in her hometown?

nora~zizi said...

nah.. she wanted to buy english for czech students.. but ended up buying czech for english student book, so now, it's in my hands.. :)

Xiang Yan said...

you are such a lucky b*****d! LOL