Tuesday, June 30, 2009

for we are given options

When you can't read Terry Pratchett;
you can watch Terry Pratchett.

Alhamdulillah for the knowledge today~

si bidadari

Quote from the-girl-on-the-fourth-FLOor's song, Si Bidadari (click to listen)

Sekaranglah masa untukku belajar semuanya
Tentang kehidupan yang sungguh istimewa
Kerana semua telah ditetapkan
dan aku hanya menunggu masa dan berdoa
Supaya ku bersedia

Unexplained, but certainly a beautiful feel is:

To know that I can only depend on God. Put all trust on Him. Do my best, and He will take care of the rest.

For what matters is, to be grateful for what He has given us;
and that, by giving all there is in my capacity to live my everyday.

Even with little things in life.

When reading.

When writing.

When talking with friends. :P

When walking around Prague.

InsyaAllah. :)

Yeah! Be better jom!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

insignificant II

Today, there's an unmistakable burning desire to acquire Terry Pratchett's Soul Music.

Read 13 pages or so at the bookstore -which was done with much suppressed giggles- before Sense told me, "You haven't the time for that", and I replied "I know, just let me reach the break for this part" (at this point, Sense sensed that there was no use in pushing me to do otherwise).

Making decisions requires you to think more than once.
I thought FOUR times to reach the not-going-to-buy decision.
For, the act abandoning what you love, it is a difficult road indeed. (To be read in most melancholic expression possible!)

Loving what you already have is none the less a challenge.
Biochemistry, filled with colourful images, should be of more interest than plain, word filled, normal papered storybook right? :P
To which one should reply: Oh yes yes yes!

Hei perempuan,
*Sayangi buku-buku anda, keSEMUAnya!* (Love your books, ALL of them!)

way out

One more reminder from Mama.

Work with a smile. :)

And if you feel that it's too hard at times, talk to people who are sure to lift you back up high. (Family, close friends and definitely the one who is always there for you, God.)

You are not alone!Hehe.

I saw a really grumpy middle-aged woman today.
Lets hope I don't turn into someone like her.
Scares me~
I hope I only slam doors or something of the like ACCIDENTALLY and not purposely!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I need to move at a faster rate.

I need to drink coffee.

And when the time calls for it, make it coffee and coke. :P

And a miracle happened! My screen went back to normal. I needn't use the monitor anymore~
Alhamdulillah :) It's truly a miracle, cause I can never imagine this to happen! It's as impossible as pieces of glassware reversed its breaking!

Okay then.. time to go up a notch and bring studying to a new level~ Wee hoo~ Time to make another-of-what-seem-impossible, possible.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

for it is okay!

The time is now!


I hope the heart would always see the beauty. Always. Remember that Nora! InsyaAllah.

And for the sake of something,
"when no one else was looking,
how did you know?"


And thanks to F, E and Y. hehe :P


A definite must watch!!!
15/10 X) weeeeee~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

:) (:

I will love.
Everything that is given to me.

A time such as this, life offers more happiness.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

kalau pandai masak

(ni kes kalau kau adalah seorang perempuan la)

Kalau pandai masak, orang sekeliling akan cakap.
"Wah, kau dah layak kahwin dah ni".

Kenapa orang sekeliling tak cakap,
"Wah, macam ni kau boleh bukak kedai makan banyak-banyak cawangan, mesti laku punya".

Ramai gelak sahaja mendengar logik aku. Mungkin sebab aku bukan penceramah terkemuka. Heh. Peduli~
Dan walaupun tak ramai yang tahu, tapi ada satu keputusan yang aku harap tak dipersoal ramai.
Doakan semuanya terbaik sudah cukup bagus. :)
Jom doa ramai2~
Kerja berkumpulan tu best~
Terima kasih.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day of peace

geek + nerd + whatnots = however it may sound, bear it at least for today

should we die, lets be grateful we've done lots
should we survive, lets be grateful for what life has to offer

Saturday, June 13, 2009

if you

If you think too much of the future without actually doing anything to ease its course, it meant that the one thing the future could be guaranteed to hold was a severe migraine.


A self reminder to STUDY!!!
Useful things are useful when they are used in the right way.

And a best friend gave words if encouragement in the form of a card today.
Which has for certain lead my mimic muscles into forming a smile.
Alhamdulillah for these little packets of joy~

And barbeque at the embassy was a good before-exam-get-together.
Now that we are all fed and watered (sirap bandung.. nyum~), berusaha dengan lebih gigih!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

under repair (my brain kot)

Random photo (for studying purposes!) Clathrin, COP I, COP II.
Alhamdulillah. :)

One down. (Not exams, some other things)

A billion, trillion, gaziilion to go. :'(

Hwaiting!!! (Not just for other things, exam too!)

We make mistakes.

I made so much of them. (Waaaa~)

And being the imperfect creature I am, I guess I'm bound to commit more.

Rather then just forgiving straight, lets scold oneself:
Gosh, what have you done arr???
If you keep lacking like this, what's the use of living the 20 years you had huh?
Make more of those stupid mistakes, and I'll throw you off some cliff and make sure you don't die and suffer baru tahu.
(Gile kejammm -_-;;;)

Seriously girl, there's a thing about making fresh steps that causes some acceptable casualties, but to repeat the same mistakes over again? Just exactly what have you learnt?
You CAN'T move on with nothing.
You'll end up stranded.
Ish. Sepak kang!
(Perempuan ni sangat ganas. -_- ;;;)

Hope there's always room to be aware and straighten what has been un-straight.
(No, AM NOT un-straight. Kekeke.)

And Hana's due to arrive in 3 hours time. :) Tak payah masak~ HAHAHA
Although I hate it when I get lectured by anyone in the family, at times like this (exams and lacking discipline), family members, not having to take the exam, could be very honest when telling you off.
Which is exactly what you need.

And as season goes, now it's cherry and strawberry~ Grab em' lots from nearest stall/supermarket!

Monday, June 08, 2009

cha cha cha

1. Tepung gandum, air campur SEDIKIT garam, pewarna.
2. Gulingkan doh sampai leper.
3. Potong halus-halus ke dalam pinggan berisi tepung. Ini bagi mengelakkan cebisan doh tadi daripada menjadi mesra kembali.
4. Tapiskan doh yang telah terpotong tadi daripada tepung berlebihan.
5. Hasilnya, doh-belum-masak-yang-telah-dipotong-halus-halus. Mama cakap biasanya yang kita beli dekat kedai tu diorang jemur kat matahari, kasi kering. Tapi kalau tak ada matahari, masukkan terus ke dalam kuah yang mendidih (lihat kandungan kuah di bawah)
6. Didihkan, dalam periuk: santan cair, gula melaka/gula perang (hnedy cukr), daun pandan, biji sagu, ubi (kentang-brambory, keledek-sladke brambory, keladi, seeloknya, masak dulu ubi-ubi ni :D ). Pastu, dah menggelegak, masukkanlah doh yang warna-warni tadi.
7. Ta da! (Oops. Termansuhkan gambar. Anggap maknanan dah masuk perut. :D)

Sungguh, bagaimana harus kukawal kadar pemakanan? Sesungguhnya cuti-cuti begini, makin rancak aktiviti dapur di Narodni Trida. (Mengurangkan tekanan harian melalui aktiviti-aktiviti bukan kedoktoran).

Saturday, June 06, 2009

roads: walked, backwalked, being walked on

Some philosophical thoughts:

You know how in life, we always get sidetracked and when we realised we did, we'll sway in the right direction again?
Seems like it's not applicable to all, the-swaying-back-into-the-right-direction.
Especially if you've taken too many steps away from your goal.
That's when you have to walk backwards and start all over again, leaving a new trail.
It's like recreating your journey to happiness.
With less regrets.

Yeah, sometimes, we need to do exactly that.

Like Sarah mentioned, we live once and die forever.
And since this is the only life I have to live before that ever after, I can't afford to falter.

Nora. A reminder on how being alive has its advantages if you utilise what was given the right way.

Epik High - Map The Soul Book-Album, and a rat I have yet to name. (19kc -the rat, not the album, and it looks so much like the one we had for Physiology. Cutest thing ever!)
Tablo says ;)

Yesterday marked the end of classes and lectures *ahem* for summer term.
And the start of finishing my non-medically-oriented assignments.

In truth, I feel bad about pushing my non-study-responsibilities behind but it's a decision made only cause I have come to know myself very well.
This year hasn't been as smooth sailing as I hoped. My ups were outnumbered by the downs and that made life a bit more complicated and in a way, demanding.
And because of that, I drew away from making decisions; for when the heart and mind is unsettled, things can go wrong. Or if the weather isn't cooperating, things could go very wrong.
Be it studies, management, friends I might very well end up screwing them all. (Purposeful bolding. It means I'm stressing the point.)
And when one can't work perfection, one will regret it deeply (sometimes without realising).

Now that I've gain the credits needed for the term (Alhamdulillah. :) I know exams are to come, but the credits indeed lifted so much weight off my shoulder that if I have wings, I would be flying by now. :) Thank you Allah), I see Saturday and Sunday filled with lotsa brainstorming and planning.
Lotsa work to do and no time to waste!

Lets all work miracles and perfection! InsyaAllah (if He wills it)
Like how He has showered us with the very best, may this step we make also be under Allah's care. Amen.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

it took 2 days

For inspiration to arrive.

Alhamdulillah it did.

I had my first official Czech conversation with a guy from Ceska Posta today. He called about my package. Asking whether I was at home.

I wasn't at home but I didn't want to wait till tomorrow either so I coffeed somewhere till the clock strike 1800 when I could pick up the package from the post office.
(Yes, I had a 2minutes and a half talk with him. Hehe. Looks like language has found its other use around here.)

Was happily using my house keys to rip the plastic covering of the album when M and S entered the tram.

I was told that I'm weird by S, but M told me he's been saying that all day to practically everyone.
So gladly I admitted, "Ye, aku memang pelik".

Only cause, today is such a happy day to not admit you're not weird.

More random thoughts:

Just for now, like an excited compound, happiness is zig-zagging in my head.

And albeit headaches are evolving from the sharp turns of the accelerating zig zag of the happiness, I'm fully energised.

:) Content

Tablo wrote:
"My dream is the starting line and finish line"

And the song Believe gave this line:
"Cause I won't ever settle at your level..."


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

i have a lil' secret

And if all goes well, it won't be a secret anymore.


*perform cartwheels if I could*

And for the love of exams.

Like how He does the rest, may Allah ease what is best for all of us. InsyaAllah :)

*and let's jump higher! literally or not, just jump!*

Monday, June 01, 2009

we can die from a broken heart! Y.I.P.E.S

Gambar hiasan I

Gambar hiasan II
If introduced to a clip with much emotion, do you cry yourself out?

In a way, my pain sensors are all activated.

The heart ache first, followed by trembling of the hands.

And the terrible headache.


Today Flo showed me this article. (Click) On how emotional pain may effect us. If you have the time, it's a 2 minutes read. :)


So, unless you're mentally prepared, stay away from potential emotional pain. Especially if you're of the woman type of homo sapiens. (Tak mo letak gambar sendiri yang emosi. Hodoh betul.)

Gambar hiasan III
Gambar hiasan IV (Anis Zara cool aja~)
Gambar hiasan V

They add up to reasons as to why I must give my very best! And you too! Yeorobun, fighting!!! (Everyone, fight on!)

If you find the need to take a break and exercise, MC Mong hip hop dance jom~