Sunday, May 31, 2009

if this were a song, it's unfinished...

Song for a friend


There's no telling
How much it'd mean to me
To see you there with a smile
Attached to no miseries

Till that day,
I'm left in the corner to cry
On that day,

I'll see a WE in you and I


I got your back mate,
When the tension rips your heart apart
You got my back you did,
When hope stumbles so easily;
As easy as letting that sigh out

Then, without a cause
Without a sign

You left me in this mess we made
Did I let your presence go to waste?

Or was it you whose grasp grew tired of holding?
Who left who?
I often wonder then, now and in future, most definitely
One untraceable flashback, the history of you and me

There's no telling
How much it'd mean to me
To see you there with a smile
Attached to no miseries

Till that day,

I'm left in the corner to cry
On that day,
I'll see a WE in you and I


Like a suicide of the soul,
Heart and mind become separate entities.
Without a goal,
I'm inching away from our little memories.

For the moments worth more than a reminiscing,
I have now fallen
I've fallen deep into neglecting.

Who am I to beg for forgiveness?
If I myself couldn't forgive?

And in this relationship you call beautiful
I detest it's every bringing (do I?)


There's no telling
How much it'd mean to me

To see you there with a smile
Attached to no miseries

Till that day,
I'm left in the corner to cry
On that day,

I'll see a WE in you and I



You are allowed to use your imagination as to what this song's supposed to mean. (In case the beat and rhythm is unfathomable, it's of the hip-hop Epik-High-variety)

Actually the song is about a person, who has lost his personality.

One that is better than the one he's portraying now.

Knowing that he has turned for the bad, he sees everyday regretting what he has become.

He wishes to again see who he was, smiling back at him (in the mirror/photos? who knows?).
Cause if that happens, it means he has found what was lost.


Hmm... It's true we can't help but bob up and down along our way to eternity. It helps however, to always be reminded that there's always room for improvement; so that on our journey, even if we did fall, we will compensate the fall by aiming to be better than what we had been. :)

Right? InsyaAllah.

Saying and doing are two different things, but there's no harm in making those two work in harmony.

Together we make things happen! Wee hoo~ Semangat people!!!
Kunyang... oppa jjang! (If you're no fangirl, there's every reason to not have to understand the whys)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Kakashi did not die.

And it kinda gives me relieve.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Amino Acid.

You're such a lucky compound.

For my seeing you is not once or twice.

It's thrice.

The time we've spent together, I'm hoping I've known you better every time.

Although you've been a challenge, I do not hate you amino acids!

You're indeed interesting!


*Please make ease. Amen.*

I love Biochemistry when I have the time,
Nora. Alhamdulillah :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

being conscious

If we were to do okay in whatever we do, I guess the best weapon is to have a clear state of mind.

*Leading myself into believing that in actual fact, I'm prepared*

Heh. Back into indulging the never-ending declensions and cases and so on. O_o

On a random note, this is what I got for playing with stray cat. (I didn't even touch it!)
Mohan: Why are you playing with that cat? It's dirty.
Modise: Eew, I think it's diseased. If you look at the ear you can see one is flipped. Some ear defect.
(Everbody laughs at Zizi)
The benefit of being young? You'll always be bullied. HAHAHA.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

pieces of you

Even how much we try, we can never replace/repay all they've given us.
Now that we've all grown up, they still keep on giving.
And because we're all grown up, I guess it's time to give back huh?

A dedication, to Mama and Abah.

*Hopefully there'll be more to come from your children*

I simply want to be there for you like how you've been there for me.

Exams are coming. Be it June, July August or September, challenges are all lined up to be accepted and deal with.

I find a need to remind myself of last year's chronology of events. To scare me out. And also force my working harder. Stress is good but too much stress really kills you - even if not literally.

However now, Czech language awaits my care. The next few weeks are going to be tiring but we'll survive like how we always have! InsyaAllah. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

shouts of anger

Scare me.

Make my every internal organ wilt.

Also give the drive to cry.

For reasons of not wanting to end up a monster with bursting rage, throws of anger also makes the whole body shivers so.

And the headache coupled with nausea.

Like that feel right before passing out.

Yes, I may be affected that badly.


O Allah, please lead this heart to calmness. Amin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I can't help but smile at how things turn out. :) Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday on the way back to Narodni, Flo asked me this:
"Do you think I'm weird?"

And I confidently tell her:
"No lah, you're just normal"

"Aih. Means I'm not special?" (jokingly said, I don't remember the exact words though)

"Flo, you tanya Zizi kenapa? Dia tu pelik, memanglah dalam pandangan dia orang lain semua normal. Baik you tanya I." (No, As didn't use Bahasa Melayu baku. Hehe.)

And getting off at a tram stop today, the door won't budge, so all of us in the tram thought of using a different exit.

Unexpectedly, a seemingly old lady from outside the tram gave us a smile and with force, she shaked the tram door.

Then, tada!

Tram door opens, all of us got through the previously jammed exit.



And one lesson today: Email your class teacher to remind him that you're taking a test. Or you'll end up not having it as planned. (Somehow, I'm not complaining. Still haven't mastered purines and pyrimidines, so it's like a chance to learn more~ Wee~)

Alhamdulillah, my younger sister got an offer from KPM to teach Special Education. (That makes two of them in the family). Congrats uri dong seng!

Venture to Royal Garden. Met a pet owl, Chiko. No photos of the lil boy though. :P

Monday, May 11, 2009

If the body's starting to respond to the coming of exam period...

Eat healthy and be strong!

cis dan cis lagi...

Tiba-tiba dambakan sambal tempoyak.

Gaaa~ Chik Lin!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

to me, you are...

More than I could ever ask for.

Delayed but dearest Mama, happy mother's day.

Sometimes I wonder why don't we think of our parents everyday, why have mother's day?

Why not?

Do the thinking everyday. Only today, everyone's given a chance to think more about their mothers.

And today I thought of what I miss most about Mama.
I miss her care.
How she always know when my heart, mind and soul is aching.
How at night, if I were sick, even with the finest whisper, she could rush from the other room and tend to me.
And this leads to me always hoping that I won't fall sick, cause it'll make me miss her more. And when that happens, my immune system wouldn't react optimally. :(

I think my mom's cool.
For the fact that she shares our (her children's) passion.
For books(magic and mystery), music, shows, games, etc.
I know for a fact that her vocabulary is way better than mine.

Omma, bogoshipoyo! Saranghaeyo!

Family Outing lead me to liking Kim Jong Kook's songs. :P

And I see that my writing now has no introduction nor a proper ending.
Cloudy mind -> bad writing. Aigoo~ Nora Nora.

Perbualan dua kawan:

A: Saya benci awak.
B: Tapi, saya tak benci kat awak.
A: Serius? Okay, kalau camtu, saya tak benci kat awak jugaklah.

*Harapan kecil jantung - agar semua masalah dapat diselesaikan dengan cara begini. Pasti boleh!!! <- Sikap optimistik beginilah yang menyebabkan ramai labelkan aku tidak realistik. Tapi aku bahagia begini :)*

Thursday, May 07, 2009

i was taught exciting things today

However, it's not advisable to talk of laboratory experiments for we are all bound to a certain level of secrecy.

Just that, surgery seems fitting :D
(Add a lil' bit of imagination here.)

Owh how I love practicals~


I think my brain needs some workout.
And not of the memorising kind, more to analytical thinking.

Sudoku wee hoo~
Rubiks wee hoo~ (I was taught to solve this one by Mama a very loooooong time ago. Now I seem to lose it).

I can't grow stupid with time. Gah.

Fight ohhhhhh~~~

Monday, May 04, 2009

di sungai Vltava

Pada petang Ahad nan indah, 5 sekawan pergi menunaikan hasrat di hati iaitu, berkayuh di sungai Vlatava.

Antara pengalaman menarik 5 sekawan tersebut adalah:

a. Melihat bermacam-macam gelagat itik. Paling menarik perhatian kami (sehingga bot yang aku, as dan kak zainab kayuh perlu patah balik untuk melihat "benda" tersebut) adalah seekor itik yang terapung. Itik itu tidak bernyawa (seram sejenak).

b. Jika berlumba mengayuh bot, pastikan jarak bot daripada bot yang dikayuh bob a
dalah lebih daripada kepanjangan tangan bob. Ini kerana bob mempunyai tenaga untuk menolak bot kami ke tepi dan ke belakang dan menyebabkan kami tersasar ke kawasan-yang-perlukan-koordinasi-tinggi-kerana-ada-bot-lain-yang-menghalang-perjalanan yang kemudiannya membawa kepada kekalahan kami. (Anda faham struktur ayat ni? Tidak? Tak mengapa, aku jua menghadapi kesukaran untuk mengarangnya.) Kesimpulannya, kalau nak tolak bot supaya pasukan lawan kalah, jangan jalan sebelah kawasan bob tapi jalan belah kak syamira. Nyeh heh. :P Kalau nak menang juga, satu lagi taktik adalah untuk berpasukan dengan orang-berkaki-panjang. Ngahahahaha. Nampaknya ukuran bot tersebut adalah beberapa cm kurang sesuai untuk gadis Asia yang berbadan kecil. Eyh bukan, berkaki pendek.

c. Kalau nak dengar gema suara, berkatalah dengan sekuat hati bila mengayuh bot di bawah jambatan (gambar kami menuju ke jambatan). Semua orang yang menjalankan aktiviti mengayuh pun akan terdetik untuk turut serta. Sebagai contoh adik kecil yang beraut wajah Asia. Sayangnya, die jerit di kawasan terbuka, jadi tidak bergema. :( Kasihan.

d. Mengayuh memerlukan tenaga, jadi tambah stok makanan sebelum memulakan perjalanan.

e. Bak kata bob, aktiviti menge-bot adalah sangat membahagiakan jika pasangan anda adalah sebuah balak. Kerana anda boleh melunjurkan kaki dan bersantai dalam panas matahari dan "sebuah balak" dapat menjalankan aktiviti pemanduan ke arah destinasi.

f. Aktiviti mengayuh di sungai Vltava sangat menarik, pada masa yang sama, menenangkan jua. :) Siapa-siapa berminat, jom~ Serius pengalaman yang menggembirakan. Walaupun pada awalnya agak menakutkan kerana kami tidak diberi jaket keselamatan (hanya untuk kanak-kanak riang) tetapi, insyaAllah, perjalanan sangatlah selamat.
g. Tatkala masa bermain tamat, pastikan kita tidak melompat keluar daripada bot yang tersedia ada sebelum pak-cik-penjaga-yang-memakai-seluar-pendek cakap kita boleh keluar. Sungguh merbahaya dan jika tidak kerana divine intervention yang memberikan tindakan refleks yang berkesan, alamatnya, minum air Vlatavalah kakak kita yang seorang tu :P Alhamdulillah, kami kembali dalam satu keping (one piece) semuanya. :)

h. Terima kasih, daun selasih. (Rima a, a! Cemerlang!) Rakan-rakan, as, kak zainab, kak syamira dan bob, serta ikan-ikan Charles Bridge (sebenarnya tak nampak pun ikan, tapi kak zainab kata, kat sungaiVltava ada ikan Charles Bridge -ini lawak dalaman- yang akan diidamkan sesetengah pihak waktu mengandung. Ngahahaha)

Sehingga ketemu lagi untuk mencipta kenangan baru di sungai Vltava.
Dan bagi yang mengikuti neneknora sebelum ini, dukacita saya umumkan, Yuriichi aka Puss in Boots aka Ci Itam telahpun meninggalkan kami sekeluarga selama-lamanya. :'(

Ini kenangan terakhir kitaorang: (masa ni, dia pura-pura mati. Huu~ teringat masa perkenalan kitaorang, Yuriichi aka Puss in Boots aka Ci Itam ada kecederaan dan batuk dengan agak teruk -masa ni, memang takut dengan Ci Itam sebab dia agak ganas.Kemudian, setelah merawat kucing ini, dia pun selalu melepak dalam rumah. Rindu~)

Tapi Taufiq cakap Mimi telahpun beranakkan 3 (atau 4, tak berapa pasti) ekor anak kucing yang mempunyai perangai pelik. (Setelah Yuriichi, rasanya susah untuk jatuh cinta dekat kucing-kucing lain. Huhu. Nanti perlu bersedih waktu cinta dan harapan menjadi debu bertebangan. Heh. Hiperbola. Kamu ingat kucing itu sebuah balak ke?)

*Sebenarnya aku ada masalah menulis perkataan sungai. Banyak kali juga perlu ubah daripada "sunagi" kepada "sungai".

Salam sejahtera~