Thursday, March 26, 2009


Peace be upon dear readers! :)
Prepare yourself for total randomness and be a part of my scattered journey.

Halfway through watching Slumdog Millionaire (yes, I've only just watched it but I did okay!) I thought of quitting. It's frightening, the way those kids live and I'm never one for sad/horror plot. My neurons are somewhat stimulated (prolly baroreceptors on the palms?) and that pain will go straight to the heart. In fact when watching really touchy dramas (e.g. One Litre of Tears), the whole body wouldl crumble and this followed by the steady stream of tears. For the time being, I'm not planning to cry a river, not just yet.

There's also the fact that I can't submit myself to more horror... When that Maman guy blinded the poor-child-who-knows-how-to-sing-really-well. Aih. Kesian!!! Stras'ny' muz'! Doufa'm you'll die! (And he did die in the hands of Salim. Oops. Spoiler :P)

Anyway, the horror and sadness made me stop after the first 40 minutes. Hahahahahaha.

I finished the movie for real only after being persuaded by Ejai (Zizi, ko kena tengok, cerita ni happy ending, nanti lepas ni diorang dah hidup sendiri, tak kena buli dengan Maman tu dah...)

End - no cry, no pain. Wasn't the kind I'll cherish though, it lacked eccentricity and witticism (Shrek, Pirates, Ice Age, etc.).
On another note. Those who have not seen me for ages, Mama said I looked "bulat" on Facebook. Hahaha. I never was oblong, but I get your point, Mama. :P My bad, haven't been exercising like back then.

And this was actually written last night :P

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