Monday, March 30, 2009


Salam :)

The last few posts made me sound like I'm in deep trouble huh?

Many apologies and thanks to those whose been aiming questions of my well being. And it's interesting also to know that some of you even came out with narrations of your own :P. Walaupun I ni drama queen sikit, tapi kehidupan I biase jer~ ROFL. XD

I'm okay ler. Still smiling, jaywalking and accidentally banging into poles and people, like always. And today a dog became too friendly with me. Good thing you're a cute one huh. Kalau tak, mengilai la seseorang sambil menyamak seluar sukan. Hohoho.

So, worry not! :D
I have no plans of doing anything stupid in near future! ;)

Just at times, when you're brought to witness misery (unspeakable misery, you're allowed to imagine one), even if it doesn't concern you, it'll make you feel like kicking some moronic's rear end.

(Pardon the testosterone)

It starts with a kick.
Of the flying variety.
Wa chaa!!!

And in the midst of confusion, came the sudden lunge.

Coupled with triple punches.
Dush dush dush!

That's the drama part of me. Hohoho. If I were placed in such misery (same unspeakable misery, which I leave to your imagination), I'd probably just cry. And get a headache and forget about it the next day.

Or in cases where I'm just a passer-by in the road where you struggle, I won't cry but I'll experience the headache for you (aish, busybody betul!) and when that happens, I blog. :P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

of gratitude and sweet potato bread

This is a gruesome photo of someone who is suffering from and intercondylar split (crushed half of the humerus, hospitalised, 3 hours surgery, 3 months therapy).

And this is the same guy smiling. :)


So, if ever in a dilemma again, make sure this comes to mind first Nora:

"For things that could happen, there are others things that could happen, way beyond your scope of imagination. And most of them are worse than what you have in hand."

"Things don't come interfering your path unless you are capable of dealing with them."

"If there are at least 5 reasons to smile, this should eliminate any reasons to panic :) "

"Think but don't think too much. That's where you gain all those unnecessary premature ageing. Nyeh."

Sarah with the gangster look. :P (Gambar hiasan~)

Chill aje~Ye baik!!!

And today I baked sweet potato bread. :)
Yippie yay~


1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 cup fine sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1 tsp soda
1 tsp cinnamon (if you like em)
1/2 cup chopped nuts
1/2 cup boiled, drained, mashed sweet potato

Preheat oven to 175 degree Celcius.
Grease your baking pan. (If you have the loaf kind, that'll be cekap!)
Mix well all mentioned ingredients.
Place mixture into baking pan (Half full is best, but say the pan is too large, use part of the pan. That was what I did :P )
Bake for 45min-1hour.
When done, let cool before you eat it.
Serving: Good for the whole family. Itadakimas~

(I'm very happy that mine turn out a bread-it looked and tasted like bread-Yay! Hope you're successful with yours!)

With that, Alhamdulillah. :)
And peace upon dear readers!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

silent treatment

Silent treatment is good when someone you often talk to answers in one syllable.

This book can tell you that.

Under the topic Raising Teens where the title goes Silence is Golden.

What you might not learn from the book going through it once is that the silent treatment should only be perform AFTER you've tried clearing things up with the other party. Because at times, things aren't just the way we assume it to be.

Your best buddy might have that evil sneer one his face and come out with snappy lines that pierce through your very soul; but the truth is, (though in our minds, it is most unlikely)
- he has a bad case of mimic-muscle-atrophy OR
- he's practising to audition as The Evil Witch in Hansel and Gretel OR
- simply that he had a bad day.

Sadly, some of us just have to come out with unreasonable (but in our minds, highly likeable), dramatic assumptions.

Which leads to the I'm-not-talking-to-you-till-you've-apologised syndrome.

And in the end, it'll either become a laughing stock between both of you OR ruin a perfectly-problem-free-if-we-had-placed-more-honesty kind of relationship. (Sorry for the many hyphens :P )

Lets embrace honesty and really, chop off those unnecessary egos. And you and I, we talk man to man. Or woman to woman. Stereotype ish. Person to person perhaps? ;)

So tell me, what did you actually meant when you told me I sound like your mother again?
(Only an example, it has no relation whatsoever to the dead and undead. HAHAHAHA.)

If we really can't make it, then learn to forgive and if you're really pissed, maybe you can warn the other party 3 times before you actually take other measures. Heh. :P

*And there's more to life when you start giving more and expect less. InsyaAllah.*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

sleeping with the arm on the forehead

When the choice is between the best of Heaven and the worse of Hell, it's no longer a question of what you'll choose. It's a matter of what will you do.

Grow up.
The line

On the line between
Being a complete idiot
Or ending up
A composed person.

I've never been
Stuck in the middle
Sitting here like this
This long before.

It's frustrating when you can't see the ending.
And all you could do is stray in the emptiness that's building.
Secretly hoping
You'll be swept by a wave
Lifting you up and away to that
To that happily ever after

It's frustrating when you can't see the ending.
And all you could do is stray in the emptiness that's building.
Rightfully knowing
Beneath every little relationship
There's a love as deep as misery
And lies as real as truths can be

On that line again
Between here and there
Now and never

On that line again
For what seems like forever

I can't give up

I won't give up
I need to know that at least I've tried
And I'm trying

And as not every answer is a light shine
There's chance that all you get is the rain;
On this line where I stand

I hope to be prepared for both

Azzidan, Nora

At times, your mind is made to juggle too many things in a time so short that all data will be lost.

And like in a computer crash, everything fails to function.

*Off for a nap. Yipes.*


Peace be upon dear readers! :)
Prepare yourself for total randomness and be a part of my scattered journey.

Halfway through watching Slumdog Millionaire (yes, I've only just watched it but I did okay!) I thought of quitting. It's frightening, the way those kids live and I'm never one for sad/horror plot. My neurons are somewhat stimulated (prolly baroreceptors on the palms?) and that pain will go straight to the heart. In fact when watching really touchy dramas (e.g. One Litre of Tears), the whole body wouldl crumble and this followed by the steady stream of tears. For the time being, I'm not planning to cry a river, not just yet.

There's also the fact that I can't submit myself to more horror... When that Maman guy blinded the poor-child-who-knows-how-to-sing-really-well. Aih. Kesian!!! Stras'ny' muz'! Doufa'm you'll die! (And he did die in the hands of Salim. Oops. Spoiler :P)

Anyway, the horror and sadness made me stop after the first 40 minutes. Hahahahahaha.

I finished the movie for real only after being persuaded by Ejai (Zizi, ko kena tengok, cerita ni happy ending, nanti lepas ni diorang dah hidup sendiri, tak kena buli dengan Maman tu dah...)

End - no cry, no pain. Wasn't the kind I'll cherish though, it lacked eccentricity and witticism (Shrek, Pirates, Ice Age, etc.).
On another note. Those who have not seen me for ages, Mama said I looked "bulat" on Facebook. Hahaha. I never was oblong, but I get your point, Mama. :P My bad, haven't been exercising like back then.

And this was actually written last night :P

Sunday, March 22, 2009

explaining the desk

(Yes, Alhamdulillah, am still alive)

Picture Desk Perfect
1.Take a picture of your desk/table
2.Don’t change anything
3.Don’t edit anything
4.Try to explain what’s on your desk

Nyeh heh. This was taken like 5 minutes ago.
And definitely shows that I have not been studying for the weekend.

The desk opposes Ejai's cause we thought that it's a good stimulant to study. There's a competitive side to both of us when it comes to who has done the most pages of Guyton and Hall Physiology (you can very well see it on her desk) and with the challenger right opposite you, you can't help yourself from wanting to do more. (This is healthy competition okay!).

Recalling that day.
Ejai: Weh, kau dah muka surat berapa dah?
Nora: Hmmm... dengan keadaan test petang ni, banyak la gak.
Ejai: Muka surat berapa?
Nora: 59 (sebagai contoh, sebab tak ingat muka surat sebenar)
Ejai: Bapak arr. Laju nye kau baca. Aku baru nak start 59 (sebagai contoh juga)
Nora: Cett, sama la tu!
Ejai: Kenapa aku rase makin banyak je kene bace eyh?
Nora: Aku rasela kan, buku ni tipu kite la. Tetibe je cerita die cam jadi panjang.
Ejai dan Nora: HAHAHAHAHA
(kedua-dua pelajar menyambung menelaah buku dengan rajin)

IN and OUT drawers (further right) serves for dumping lecture/class notes to be sorted out on weekends.

Calendar doesn't serve much purpose this month due to it being Jae Joong's month. (Yunho is July... huaaa.. lama lagi!)

What else? Frame on friend is a birthday present from Flo. Tic Tac (mint, melon) for when I am bored with studies/Youtube. Hehe. Purple puncher, purple stapler, calculator, tape, packet of tissue, pencil box with Dy Pierre (punched-up-bear) and U Know (lion).

And the adorable computer.
(Sunbae, Nadia, Rian, DONE! hehehe~)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

luahan perasaan tinggi II

Minta maaf sebab sensitif sangat!

*Alhamdulillah, kita masih kawan*

luahan perasaan tinggi

Ada sesetengah benda, kalau aku tak suka, memang aku sangat tak suka.

Lebih-lebih lagi kalau aku beri amaran dan minta kau hentikan apa yang kau buat.

Malangnya, aku susah nak meletup dan ini membuatkan banyak pihak merasakan aku tidak serius bila aku cakap aku tak suka.

Maaf kerana berasa geram. Maaf sebab buat muka. Tapi aku pun penat juga bagi amaran.

(Dan luahan perasaan tinggi ini diakhiri dengan pengakuan Si-Terlebih-Sensitif-Cik-Norazizi kepada pihak berkenaan. Sebab pihak berkenaan tersebut, Si-Terlebih-Sensitif-Cik-Norazizi tak reti nak marah lama-lama. Sekian, terima kasih.)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

have you found it?

The fact that...

You can't hate someone.

You can only hate what he has done.


Somehow, this carriage ride called life seems a bearable journey when put that way!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

moje malds'i sestra


Yasmin, my biological sister got 11As for SPM. Wah~ Unni is very proud of you lil' dong saeng!
(And thank you for letting me keep the title, BM A2... hahahaha... ya benar, penulisan kau jauh lebih indah, jauh lebih teratur keseniannya berbanding karyaku. Sungguh dalam hal-hal berkenaan mencurahkan jiwa dan raga, kau memang terbaiklah! Bila berjauhan, sudah jelas sekarang, aku rindu kehadiran kata-kata bahas dari kau. Walau bisa menusuk kalbu dan membuatkan ku tertanya-tanya sama ada kita benar-benar sedarah-sedaging, namun aku tetap menaruh harapan supaya kelak hari kita bersua kembali. Owh, lihat! Ketidakhadiran kau buatku mengomel seorang diri! Benar aku rindu. Kamu dan semua di sana. *Dengan tahap bahasa begini, mungkinkah aku mampu mengarang sebuah novel? Hahaha, berangan lagi!* )

And the thing I'm also proud about my sister is that she has kept a wish of becoming a teacher since forever. Couldn't think of anyone who wants to be a teacher more than she does. I hope the world would realise your potential dear, and yes, you are one very cekap woman!

Alhamdulillah for all. :)

And that leaves us daughters with one more goal.
(The one mentioned by Abah in the-farewell-motivation-session-with-En.-Nor-Azmi. :D )
Fight oh~~~
Time is ticking... Time, time is ticking away~

Love and more, from your ever loving (and lovely) sister,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 kali sekelas

Yasmin, Nora, Hana (depan ke belakang)

Hari ini sahaja 10 kali perasan mengantuk menggenggam diri tatkala beroperasi dengan mikrob-mikrob dan bakteria-bakteria di makmal mikrobiologi.

Dan tanpa gagal, sedikit terpinga-pinga tadi.

Dah tahu kelas awal, tidurlah awal.

Walaupun kau cuba untuk menjadi seekor haiwan nokturnal, kau harus sedar imaginasi ada batasnya. Hahahaha.

Sebenarnya semalam telah diingatkan Mama tentang sesuatu yang boleh menyebabkan jantung berdebar-debar.

Siapa turut berdebar-debar untuk esok?

Esok keputusan SPM keluar!

Kalau berkesempatan, doakanlah untuk adik-adik kita ye!

Yasmin, insyaAllah, semoga Allah sentiasa berikan yang terbaik. :)

Aja-aja! Fighting!

if Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can be finished (and somewhat memorised) in a day

Then other books should end up with the same fate too.
(713 pages showered with total use of the brain for concentration and imagination)

With the same speed and determination and level of imagination I have dedicated to JK Rowling's and Eoin Colfer's pieces
(Gah. Sungguh aku cemburu dengan kepintaran Artemis Fowl. Hamizah, why did you ever introduce me the book huh?), I will inflict the same onto the works of Encik Guyton dan Encik Hall dan Encik Champe, Harvey dan Herrier dan lain-lain encik-dan-cik-yang-tak-dapat-kutulis-kesemuanya-di-sini.

Pemberontak hati: "I don't know Nora, chemotaxis and magical beings are of two different worlds ya know!"

Yang hendak maju: "Cis. Beri peluang aku guna imaginasi ke arah yang betul. Duk pi main jauh-jauh wahai pemberontak hati."


Books are fun
Books are great
Lets sit down
With a book today

Books are fun
Books are great
Is it book time yet?
Or I just can't wait?
To read a book, book, book, book


(Thanks Mama and Abah for introducing us to the purple dinasour!)
Alhamdulillah hari ni dapat buat sesuatu yang dah lama tinggal dengan roomateku. :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Salam Maulidur Rasul

12 Rabi Al-Awwal 1430H
Semoga kita sentiasa mengingati baginda dan perjuangannya dan insyaAllah, kita teruskan apa yang telah dimulakan baginda. Amin~


Aja-aja fighting!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


daripada Bro Anam's YM status:

"Kerana Tuhan demi manusia dan bukannya kerana manusia demi Tuhan"

Dan hiduplah seperti seorang hamba.

Yang bergantung kepada tidak lain kecuali rahmatNya.

Dan Allah Maha Berkuasa ke atas setiap sesuatu.