Saturday, January 31, 2009

flower pot (hwabun)

Translation of the song Hwabun (Flower Pot)
By Loveholic/Alex

Verse 1:
From a far, far distance
You're approaching towards me
How am I to speak my mind?
Have captivated me from the very start
And gave me an incurable illness...

I'd like to be a flowerpot
I always pray that...
On your window sill,
I'll be a flower pot
Not being able to speak
Not able to yearn

Occasionally receiving your smile
And the touch of your hand
And looking at your face endlessly
As you sleep

Verse 2:
Further and further
You're leaving
How can I relieved these falling tears?
Have had my heart from the very start
And made me suffer from an incurable illness

I'd like to be a flowerpot
I always pray that...
On your window sill,
I'll be a flower pot
Not being able to speak
Not able to yearn

Occasionally receiving your smile
And the touch of your hand
And looking at your face endlessly
As you sleep


Hahaha.. it sounds so much better in Korea.
English kinda spoils the feel the song's supposed to portray.
Somehow, the song doesn't sound as sweet. Hohoho.

Same goes for DBSK "Hug", where direct translation of part of the song gives "I want to be your cat"...
Aaah~ it sounds so fitting sung in the Korean language.
All those silly things we wish for when in love. Aigoo~

Nonetheless, I hope to write as good lyrics.
One that would fit the language...
Budu byt tvoje kocky~ (I will be your cat???) hahaha

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

herstory/cerita gadis itu

"Kalau ada peluang lagi, tiada sebab untuk bersedih"

I failed Genetics, but Alhamdulillah that I went for the exam or else I wouldn't know lotsa things I've learnt today:

Stuffs like:
1. Bring eraser!
2. If you don't understand the instructions, rectify!
3. Wear a watch!
4. Never underestimate the brown book!
(Tak perlu ulas panjang-panjang kot! Hehe... Aku rasa masalah yang aku hadapi ni comel sangat.)

I've always wondered what it's like to fail. As for today, it feels the same as when I pass. (Alhamdulillah, tiada perasaan hendak berdiri di tengah jalan tram dan sewaktu dengannya. Cuma selepas menonton BOF episod 7 tadi, berkeinginan untuk berlumba kereta. Mesti aku nampak cool giler. [bayangkan aku letak emoticon yang pakai sunnies tu kat sini])

Failure gives me a valid reason to do more. :)
Then again, don't forget those lessons!

Alhamdulillah again that it's today and it isn't so heavy a subject. Fortunate. Serious.

The time will come but we need to have faith. Have faith!

Segyero! To the world! (4D.. hehehe)

Owh yaaaaaa...
Today is the birth a new cousin, MOHAMMAD AFIQ BIN SYUKRI!
(Nama Ayah ade Mohd ke? Nora tak ingat... adeyh)
Anyway, Mami, Ayah, congrats!
(And this news is worth more than any other from me!)

*Penantian Mami ngan Ayah untuk anak lelaki pertama mereka, jauh lebih panjang (11 tahun), jauh lebih hebat rintangannya daripada exam Genetics ni.

Penantian anak-anak Palestin juga, jauh lebih hebat bukan?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

that kind of trial

Biology and Genetics Final

Help pray for the best tomorrow!
And like always, remember to:

Find peace and tranquillity before an exam.

Keep in mind that whatever happens, it's because that's the best that could happen.

Do your best and leave the rest to Allah.
(And we'll be just fine~)

85 hours of no Yahoo Messenger.
Mampu pula.
Terkejut juga. :P

Thursday, January 22, 2009

little misery much happiness

"There is nothing, Sir, too little for so little a creature as man. It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery and as much happiness as possible."
Samuel Johnson

Lets study "the cellular and molecular basis of inheritance". Owh I have little misery reading this but lotsa misery keeping myself awake :P.

I've always thought that I'm going to hate genetics because we've been learning it since science was introduced in the education syllabus. Felt like life would turn out boring.

And then I met more books and things are going interesting (albeit there's so much of information! )
Abah will say: This is nothing much compared to knowledge yet to be discovered!

Serously it's very little; what we have now, so little that we should be able to cover more of the syllabus in any period of time... (this is a self-convincing-technique-so-that-I-would-do-more-quality-speed-reading).

With more advanced technology, I'm pretty sure my grandchildren would know more than me when the time comes for them to be learning this. (Provided the fact that I even have grandchildren that moment. Gah. W. You get the point: kids* of the future would be geniuses in our eyes! -lets not be fooled by them!)

*Pn Nalini would circle the word kids in red if she reads this.
"Zizi, you're talking about baby goats?"
"Nolah teacher."
"What no LAH teacher?"
"Eyh, I meant no."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what do I do?

What do you do when you broke a promise to yourself?
E.g., you're suppose to start with studying 2 hours ago, but up to now, you're still in front of the computer/television?

I would feel unease. And focusing on whatever I was doing would be hard due to the subconscious mind persistently repeating the notion "I should be studying. Ooooooh I AM SO GONNA REGRET THIS LATER!".

If dreams and hopes are blasted into smithereens, if hopes were to deplete, if we fall apart, it's true that we can't go back and change it. History is history after all.

And the thing about committing mistakes, there's always room for repent aite?
(As much as it's true, why does it sounds so wrong?)

So now I ask you to think about this Nora:

If we repetitively commit the same mistake, what is the use of history eyh?

If we're not serious in the act of repent, then why repent at all? (It's aim is so that you won't repeat the same mistake again, right?)

If we live life, everyday through the same routine and not one day do more than the other, then why live?
(Might as well be dead since it's the same thing, not being able to do anything more/less than when you are alive, no?)

Why indeed.


Ohoho. A little heavy over there but ya la, it's that time to knock some sense into my encephalon! So what do I do?

Utilise the present for it pretty much reflects what lies in the future.

You can't control fate for it has all been planned for you but you can always make sure that every living moment (past, present, future) counts!

For those times you failed, have faith that it's because there are better things planned for you, and really, strive harder, strive to be better and learn to be more grateful in life-that would help a lot!


Dan empayar baru pastilah memerlukan dedikasi tinggi. Berdedikasilah!

to remember always

There was a session last night at Central Mosque and since it's been a while since that last inspiring talk (with abah, before coming back to Prague) so, Alhamdulillah.

Our influential speakers for the night were Dr MAZA and Dr Maszlee (Cekap "jiddan"* these people!)


To serve as future reference, these are some things to ponder and work on:

1. Mercy (ehsan) beyond justice

2. Gratitude (Alhamdulillah~) beyond duty
- To do something because of popularity - itu SOMBONG! It's like you're a car and you want people to admire you, not your creator. Aigoo~
- It matters wayyyyy more when you do everything because you're grateful!

3. A "tauhidiq" world view - complete ourselves with faith, for what's the use of doing so many things but you're inching away from Allah?

4. To believe in something, we have to have a trustable source. Don't get yourself mixing the rights and wrongs! Truths won't harm you, they enlighten!
So don't hesitate to do research and strengthen your believe!

5. Do not be narrow-minded. Always train the brain to absorb knowledge then work critically and creatively! For things which are fixed (solat, puasa), accept the rules as it is. For the rest (food, clothings), don't make up complicated rulings!


Those are some of the many pointers still plastered in my head and Alhamdulillah for their visit to dear Czech. :)

Also got to know Nicol(17!) and Kristina(20! my age!) yesterday! Haengbokhae~ (happiness)

Again however, failed to take any photos. (This always happen when I talked too much at functions. Gah. Let it be. It's the thoughts of the night that counts!)

Anyway, lets prepare for upcoming challenges! (Now hopefully, with a different perception, InsyaAllah!)


*jiddan - excellent/very much
(Quote dr MAZA "dhaif jiddan/dhaif giler")


And so, breathes a new blog, for the thinker. InsyaAllah.

See ya soon!